Swimmer Conduct

Swimmer Code Of Conduct

In an effort to clarify and articulate the expectations for swimmers on this club, the Board of Directors (Board) of New Wave Swim Club, Inc., (NWSC) has adopted the following clarification of policies to help guide the club and ensure our continued success. A primary area of concern is swimmer behavior, specifically, what type of conduct is expected of the swimmers themselves.

New Wave Swim Club, Inc. is fortunate to have highly experienced, professional coaches working to develop our children into better swimmers and more importantly, disciplined people.  As swimmer, it is absolutely essential that we give our coaching staff the respect and authority they deserve to run our swim team. Our coaches are hired for that purpose.

New Wave Swim Club, Inc. as an organization highly encourages the following swimmer behavior and conduct:

     Do your best in school just like you do your best in the pool. The respect you earn is for the total person, not just the swimmer. The better you do in school the better you will feel about yourself, the prouder you will be and the better you will do in training and meets. Be the person you want others to look up to.

     Listen to your coaches! They are on deck, at the meets and at all NWSC activities for your sole benefit. Use their wisdom, experience and advice for its intended purpose: to bring out the best in you and your swimming!


     Drowning, slip and fall, and other injuries are always a present risk. Therefore, children not participating in swim practice or competitions must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


     No one should ever submerge below a pool cover, nor climb on lane lines, cover reels or lane line reels.


     Running, pushing or horse play on the deck area and locker areas are not permitted.


     Never throw training gear. Weights, surgical tubing and medicine balls should be used with supervision and only in the way they were designed and intended for exercise.


     Refrain from judging or criticizing others members of New Wave Swim Club, Inc.


     Remember: Praise in public and correct in private.


     Swimmers who are waiting for transportation should always wait inside the pool area, swim center or complex.


     Persons who seem out of place or unfamiliar and activities of an unsafe, unusual nature should be reported immediately to the NWSC coaching staff or other responsible parent.


     Each swimmer should have an up to date Emergency Form and medical release on file with NWSC and available to the coaching staff.


     Each swimmer should make the NWSC coaching staff aware of any and all medical conditions and/or other special circumstances which they believe the club should be made aware.


     It must be remembered at all times that as an athlete and member of NWSC you will be traveling to meets and using other pools and athletic facilities. When visiting these locations you are not permitted in areas of the building other than the pool, locker rooms, the hallway adjacent to the pool and other areas identified by the host team. These are typical restrictions imposed as a condition of our use of the facility.


     As a student athlete with New Wave Swim Club, Inc. you will treat all members of the team, including coaches, swimmers and parents, together with members of other teams, with the utmost dignity and respect.


     Equipment is a key part of your training and success. You are responsible for its care and proper use. Remember: practice is not over until all supplies and training aids are returned to the storage closet. The more people helping the faster it will go!


     Make some noise! Support each and every of your teammates in the pool, whether it is at practice and, especially, at meets. Encourage them to do their best and deliver an outstanding performance. Not only will they do the same for you, people will know New Wave is in the pool!


     Always remember to remember to wear your New Wave apparel. People will know who you are when wearing your suit, shirt and cap and that New Wave Swim Club, Inc. is in the building!


     Never interrupt or confront the coaching staff in an inappropriate manner; give them the respect they deserve.


     Never use abusive language towards coaches, swimmers, parents, officials and other teams.


     Never engage in any behavior that brings discredit or disruption to your fellow swimmers and New Wave Swim Club, Inc.


     Have Fun!

Should a NWSC swimmer conduct themselves in such a way that brings discredit or discord to New Wave Swim Club, Inc., or USA Swimming, they voluntarily subject themselves to disciplinary action. New Wave Swim Club, Inc. maintains the right to terminate any membership with/without cause in the interest of our vision, mission and objectives.