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NEEDED .....

WE NEED YOU to join the other Manta Ray parents who work as USA Swimming Officials on the pool deck!  Our RAYS officials have an excellent reputation in Ohio Swimming and USA Swimming.  We would love for you to be a part of our RAYS officials team.

There is no previous experience necessary and there are some great perks as an official, including great food, free admission to the meet, and no scrambling for a seat in the stands.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Manta Rays Officials Chairs, Terrence Anchrum at, Rich Decker at, or Joe Waller at

Below is information summarizing the officiating process and what to expect as an official at your first meet.

i) Welcome to Officiating:  Officials Welcome Letter.pdf

ii) What to Expect at your First Meet as an Official:  What to expect at your first meet.pdf


a) 2015 Fall Clinics:  To Be Announced

Mason usually hosts a clinic in the fall and spring (mid-to-late April)

b) 2013 USA Swimming Application Non-athlete.pdf

c)  Athlete Protection Training Instructions

d)  Become a USA Swimming Official.pdf





Rays Officials -

We've adopted a new, standardized form for evaluating apprentices for the following positions: Stroke & Turn, Starter and Deck Referee.  We will start utilizing the forms this swim season and it is expected that all mentors and apprentices ensure this form is accurately completed and finalized for each session worked. 

For those who attended the Fall Officials Clinic, this is part of what Ohio Swimming is moving to in an effort to standardize the process of evaluating performance. We were at the precipus for leading this standardization process.  It's essential for both the mentor and apprentice to get familiar with the evaluation forms ahead of the meet.  Please advise if you have any questions regarding the forms.