Week in review Septe

Week in review September 28, a week ahead October 5
A week in review September 28, 2009, and a look ahead to this week, October 5, 2009.

Hope all are enjoying their season thus far, I know I am. I am going to try and kill two birds with one stone while I have some time.

Last week on Monday September 28 we talked about the acronym WIN and what it means. In life and in the sporting world WIN stands for What’s Important Now.  When doing some research on this, I found many coaches across many sports using this in their pre-game speeches.
The idea behind this is to focus on what you are doing in the present moment. Many talked about forgetting about the past, things that are now out of your control. WIN stresses that there is nothing more important then what you are doing right now. Whether that is streamlining off the wall, working on a drill, racing each and every repeat, or doing your homework preparing for a test will help you WIN in the long run. Basically we narrowed it down to having short term memory, forgetting about the failure and even the successes. Being able to WIN each and every day will ultimately help you WIN at the end of the season.
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were some great practices for only being the 3rd week of the year. We are gearing up for the meets that are only 1 and 2 weeks away.
I was very pleased at seeing so many Age Groupers taking advantage of the Katie Hoff clinic, from what I can tell she does a lot of the same drills Poseidon use, which is GREAT!!
Monday October 5, 2009 we will be talking about- 10 ways to become more successful in swimming and in life. This was from a talk I listened to by Bob Bowman, Michael Phelps’s coach.

1.       Be Positive in how you think.

2.       Decide upon your true dreams and goals

3.       What’s Important Now. (Should sound familiar!)

4.       Never stop learning

5.       Be persistent and work hard, success is a marathon

6.       Learn to analyze the details, get all the facts

7.       Don’t let other people/things distract you

8.       Don’t settle for mediocre

9.       Deal and communicate with people efficiently

10.   Be honest, be dependable, and be responsible.

In practice we will continue to increase of level of effort and aerobic capacity while maintaining our focus on the stroke adding some speed to how we are doing things in preparation for the meet
Entries for the 13 and over meet are due October 5.
On Thursday October 8 we have group pictures at the pool, there should have been some info about this in your box if you what to get individual pictures.