Monday Meeting 1-19-

Monday Meeting 1-19-09
Announcements: No practice 1/28. Please e-mail the Branin’s about the Pizza Party/ U of Richmond basketball game, we need a total count. Please sign up by Monday 1/26. Remember this is taking the place of practice so if you can make practice on Wednesday then you can make this fun event. See you there.

BAC warm ups are online, there is a change to the meet sessions, please be aware of the time when you should be on deck.

 Today we talked about Adaptation VS. Compensation. We can all agree that we as human adapt to our surrounding on a daily basis, this means we have to change. If it gets cold outside then we put a jacket on, when you move to the next grade level you have more homework or harder classes. Well the same can be said for swimming. Day to day, month to month, and year to year, we are constantly changing and adapting to the workout or technique. Now that it is January we have changed and adapted to the new year, it is more important now to stick to the change and continue working towards your goals.

After months of adapting it is very easy to start compensating for the difficult change you may have gone through. Just as in our school example, we don’t want to cut corners in a more difficult math class; we would get the problem wrong. Becoming lazy in practice is the root of our compensation problem.

The best example I can think of is a recipe to anything you may bake. You have to add the right ingredients at the right time and then cook the food at the right temperature for the right amount of time. For us thinking of our season as a recipe works great. We know that at the end of the season we have a proven recipe. It’s what we do along the way on whether or not it’s going to taste good when the product is finished at Champs.  We know if we cut corners or compensate the ingredients to our recipe we will not get the outcome we are looking for.