Monday Meeting 4/7

Monday Meeting 4/7
Announcements: Even though in the month of April we do not have any swim meets we have several important dates that are coming up. First up is April 10, this is when we would like the May 3-4 meet sign ups due. Remember long course season is very short so we need to be on top of our entries so we are sure not to be shut out of any meet. Next up is April 24, this will be our Awards Banquet, invitations are in your folders and there will be no practice that day. Last up for the month is April 25; we invite everyone to come to a Pizza Pottery party from 6-9pm in the mall. Invites are in the folders and you must RSVP for this activity, please contact the Branin’s for any question.

Monday Meeting Recap: Today we revisited a meeting discussed in the beginning of the short course season, and we tried to put our own little twist to the topic. We broke down the season into three phases; Learn to Swim, Learn to Train, Learn to Achieve.

Learn to Swim: We are currently in that phase right now with a lot of technique and drilling incorporated into practice. We talked about taking the word Swim and switching it with the word Change. Learn to Change. During this time if you are not willing to make a change in the technical side of swimming then you may be missing the opportunity to grow as a swimmer and improve. Make the change now when practices are not to taxing, so that you will be able to continue with the change as the season progresses.

 Learn to Train: This is the meat of our season; we spend the majority of our time in this phase. We have done a great job over the short course season training; it is now time to take it up a notch and Learn to Hurt. Most of the time we swim in a comfort zone, some of the time we swim in the uncomfortable zone, very little do we swim during the pain, and know it’s time to start swimming when it hurts. Learning to swim through the pain will only prepare you to swim when it hurts in a meet and better prepare you be a tougher swimmer when you race. I’m not expecting everyone to be in this zone long, but when you push past the uncomfortable feeling, break through the pain barrier into the hurting zone, it’s an unbelievable feeling of accomplishment that is hard to describe.

  Learn to Achieve: During this time of the season we spend learning how to Race. We did an outstanding job of this for short course. We achieved above and beyond what we started with at the beginning of the championship season. We need to build off of our success and go into the champion season with the confidence knowing we will be better prepared and faster than ever before.