Last Blast

This will be my last AG Blast.  In closing, I just wanted to thank all the swimmers, parents, former swimmers, and well wishers for coming over to our SOLD home on New Years Day to say good-bye.  I’m very confident that there will be fun to be had and fast times to be swum without me in the days, months, and years ahead.  Thanks for all the supportive words, letters, and gifts that emphasized the concept of “family.”  It is so reassuring that everyone understands the reasons supporting this decision, and that I have so many people in my corner in making it so.  I’d like to thank the swimmers and parents for being so considerate, because this big change could have gone a lot differently.  Special thanks to all the coaches, who have been more than unselfish in less than ideal circumstances (especially Ted, whose kindness for me and my family makes him a huge part of ours).  Thanks for letting me become part of your own families.  Please stay in touch:

News and Notes: 

PSDN January BB+ meet entries are on-line.

Those traveling to Senior Circuit in Fairfax can check entries with Mark, on-deck.  If you haven’t picked up information for this meet, please ask the coaches for a flyer before Friday.  Those attending the meet will be swimming regular practice on Friday (swimmers may attend the 2:30 or 3:20 practice times).  Swimmer may go home before the pasta dinner later that evening.

NOVA BB/B/C meet sign-ups were due Monday 12/31.  Entries should be on-line shortly.  Please let us know in advance if you missed the sign-up date for this meet.

Burkwood Distance meet is coming up.  The meet invitation has not been produced as of yet.  This meet is optional for all swimmers in Varsity and the Advanced groups.  It is a great opportunity for swimmers to compete in their first distance events.

PSDN age-groupers ranked nationally in the Internet Distance Challenge.  Swimmers from all over the country compete in their home pool in over-distance events, and results are sent to USA Swimming for tabulation.  The events include the 9&10 1000free, 11&12 2000free, and the 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, & 18 3000free.  Full results:  Boys LCM, Girls LCM, Boys SCY, Girls SCY.  Swimmers in the top 6 received a free swim cap from USA Swimming.  Swimmers in the top 3 were awarded a cap and a t-shirt.  Swimmers who placed 1st were given a towel.  Here are the PSDN swimmers in the top 10:  Sommer Harris (3rd LCM), Olivia Ross (2nd LCM, 4th SCY), Hailey Lane (10th SCY), Elizabeth Maltby (4th LCM, 5th SCY), Meaghan Godwin (4th LCM, 5th SCY), Catherine Gargula (6th LCM, 10th SCY), Meredith Thompson (4th LCM, 4th SCY), Margaret Raymond (9th SCY), Sarah Kim (2nd SCY), Gray Fultz (5th SCY), Cabell Doswell (8th LCM, 6th SCY), Meredith Drummond (8th SCY), Corinne Tsapatsaris (7th LCM), Catherine Morahan (8th SCY), Andrew Drummond (4th SCY), Liam Sullivan (7th SCY), Seth Hesser (10th SCY), Alex Kesselring (4th LCM), Thomas Ferguson (5th LCM), Nick Haas 6th LCM), Peter Ferguson (9th LCM), Darren Barlow (4th LCM, 6th SCY), Travis Kerner (8th LCM), Morgan Latimer (4th SCY), Matthew Latimer (9th LCM, 7th SCY), Stefan Wingen (10th LCM, 5th SCY), Andrew Strait (9th SCY), Ned Tyler (7th LCM), Tyler Harris (1st SCY).

Splash-4-Cash time is rapidly approaching.  Get your lists together.  Remember that if you can get 20 potential sponsors on paper before the game even starts, you are about half-way to your goal! 

Topic of the Week:  The Best Coach You Will Ever Have

The common thought when you don’t excel at something is, “I’m not good at this.”  The thought that should be passing through your mind could be, “I have a lot to work on in this part of my swimming.”  Your coaches can help identify these areas of weakness.  They can show you the correct way.  They can encourage you to change.  They can’t do it for you.  That right is reserved for the best coach you will ever have…YOURSELF! 

When you choose to become your own best coach, you become more aware of what you are doing (and sometimes, what you are not doing).  You know when you could be doing something better.  You encourage yourself to work to the best of your ability.  It helps to have a voice on deck to help you along the way.  The more dependent you become on that individual to determine what your expectation level should be, the more accountability you take away from yourself in your own swimming.

This is not to say that the coach on deck should not have a vested interest.  This person is a professional.  This person has a trained eye that can pick up on things that others may not.  This person has experience in relating knowledge and information that will help you make those changes.  However, it is the responsibility of all swimmers to monitor their technique and push themselves to their own best swimming, EVERY DAY! 

As you near the championship season, don’t be afraid to take on your weaknesses, head on.  Remember that if it is your plan to do something that you have never done before (like swim faster times than you ever have), you need to change something.  Your coach on deck will help you.  “The best coach you will ever have” will constantly assist yourself to continue that drive for improvement.