AG Blast #7

AG Blast #7
News and Notes

Morgan Latimer proved the most apt to go the distance on Black Friday by winning the 300 game.  He broke Alex Aceino’s 2005 record.  All right, young 'uns, start eyeballing that 3:05 interval after doing 7,200 yards in 2 hours…some-one needs to break it.

The gender dryland project is over for the time being.  It was nice to see the older kids and the younger kids work together and get to know eachother.  We'll bring it back sometime.  AG Varsity and AG Advanced are back to the regularly scheduled Tue/Thu days and times listed in the practice schedule.

Entries for the NOVA B/C and SEVA 12&Y BB+ meets are now on-line.  If you are having trouble viewing your swimmer’s entries, let us know and we can cut and paste the pertinent info to an e-mail to get it out of the word format.  We are working on a better solution in the meantime.

Sign-ups for the PSDN 13&O BB+ Holiday Classic are due by Friday 11/30.  All 13&O swimmers with BB times should compete.

DECEMBER BB+ meets are prelim/final formatted.  Be sure to inform your coach if you are planning on missing ANY session for any pre-planned reason.  Failing to plan is planning to fail…don’t make any decisions regarding your swimmer’s success on the spur of the moment.  Leave open the possibility that anything is possible (who knows, your swimmer may believe it as well).

There are t-shirt orders out there for those swimming in the SEVA BB+ meet.  They are also available for anyone who wants one.  Please ask your coach for an order form.  Dey be jammin.

Topic of the Week:  Self-Talk

Whether you are conscious of it or not, you are constantly talking to yourself.  In fact, most people have multiple conversations with themselves all at once.  This self-talk is instrumental to success (or failure) in the competitive arena.  If you are constantly trying to get yourself to do something you have never done before (every best time is going boldly where you have never ventured), it would make sense that you would have to convince yourself that you need to do it.

The first step is to be aware of negative self-talk.  Listen to yourself, when you are having moments of doubt, anxiety, or nervousness.  What are you telling yourself?  Would you tell your best friend that he/she, “stinks at butterfly and gets beat by everyone all the time?”  If you wouldn’t say it to your teammate before or during a swim, don’t say it to yourself.

After you have identified the negative, STOP IT!  Command yourself to stop.  You aren’t being productive.  You aren’t helping anyone achieve goals.

Once you have stopped the negative, you can replace with a positive.  I recommend that you make it short…four words maximum.  Make it assertive.  Make it personal. 

“You can do it!”  “Go for it!”  “Win the walls!”  All of these may mean different things to different swimmers.  Make it mean something to you.  Practice it OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER!  The word and the action should be pounded into your brain as if you were Pavlov’s Dog.  The phrase, “Go for it,” should automatically get you out of the swamp and into the race. 

Any swimmer can change his or her self-talk.  It all depends on how badly you want it.