AG Blast #4

ATTENTION!  Major change to the PSDN 14&Y BB+ meet this weekend!  The Saturday and Sunday sessions have been combined.  Instead of two micro-sessions, it works out to one mezzo-session each day (no macro-sessions, promise).  Saturday and Sunday be on deck at 9:20 for warm-up, the meet will end just after 2pm (Friday has not changed, be on deck at 3:50PM).  The event numbers have changed to reflect the new order of events.  The new event numbers will be posted with swimmer’s entries (some entries have changed, please check) by Tuesday, November 6 before 2:30PM.  Please contact me if any other consideration needs to be taken with this schedule. 


There will be practice 2:30-4:00PM on Friday, November 9 (if a swimmer needs to arrive late, that’s okay…some is better than none).  No practice Saturday.  Sunday practice is still pending. 


Warm-ups for the ODAC Senior meet will be e-mailed to those individuals before Friday. 


The entries for the Senior Circuit meet at Midtown ( Newport News ) will be on-line shortly.  If there is a discrepancy with the sessions chosen and the entry let me know as soon as possible. 


Meet sign-ups should be rolling in for the NOVA B/C meet (Dec 1-2)…any B or C or NO TIMES should swim in this meet.  The SEVA 12&Y BB+ (Dec 7-9) meet is just around the corner…please let your coach know sooner than later if you plan to miss ANY sessions of this meet (we want to walk in the door on Sunday evening knowing who is staying and who could not, and without ever hearing the question, “Is it really that important to come back for one finals swim?”)  The PSDN 13&O BB+ (Dec 14-16) meet is coming soon.  We are hosting and we would like all our BB+ swimmers to attend all days, all sessions.  Plan accordingly. 


Topic of the Week: What should I eat?


The point of nutrition for training is simple.  You need fuel to operate.  After you burn fuel, you need to replace what you lost.  The more effective the fuel, the better.  Swimmers burn Carbohydrates.  It is the most readily available fuel in the body.  Thus they need lots of CARBS!  Here is the break down of a balanced diet by calories – not grams (per the nutritionists at USA Swimming):  Carbohydrate 60%, Protein 15%, Fat 25%


When should I eat these things?  Eat Carbs early and often.  Don’t wait until you are hungry, otherwise you are riding the blood sugar roller coaster.  A little something 5-6 times each day.  Eat Proteins with meals and immediately following exercise.  Your muscles need Protein stores to rebuild…string cheese or a balance bar right after practice helps make your next practice more effective.  Eat Fats with meals.  Don’t eat fats as snacks.  Deserts are fine, but only when balanced with the meal.


What about on meet days?  Eat a balanced diet coming into the meetThe morning of the meet, think Carbs:  eat a GRAIN, a FRUIT, and drink a JUICE.  Pick things you like.  If Hampton Inn doesn’t have the kiwis and pomegranate juice that you like, bring your own.  During the meet, think Carbs:  eat early, eat often…if you don’t like eating during the meet, find a fluid supplement (Carnation Instant Breakfast, Gatorade, Powerade, Juice, Boost, Ensure).  After the meet or between sessions:  think Carbs:  replace what you may have lost during the meet.  You can eat a balanced meal, but stick to the 60% Carbs guideline (even at McDonalds or Taco Bell …it is more difficult at fast-food places, but still possible). 


USA Swimming has developed the Nutrition Tracker for swimmers.  The swimmer needs a “My USA Swimming” account to access it (instructions on setting up an account were on the back of the AG season set-up handed out in early October).  Part of the money you give to USA Swimming every year has gone toward developing this.  You paid for it, use it! 

Nutrition Tracker front page - you need to log-in to your My USA Swimming account


Here are some other useful sites from USA Swimming regarding swimming and nutrition:

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