AG Blast #1

Here it is the first copy of the AG Blast!  You wanted it, you got it.  I’ll jump in with both feet:

News and Notes:  There are a few meets on the horizon. 

The NOVA BB/B/C meet (November 3-4) is for swimmers who do not yet have a BB time in two different strokes.  That is not the MEET rule that is the COACH MARK rule.  If you have a conflict with a meet the following weekend,  you may contact me about swimming in this meet in it’s stead.  The website says that the entries are due today (10/15), but we are extending it until Thursday 10/18 because the meet invite is not yet available.

 The PSDN BB+ meet is for 14&Y swimmers with a BB in two different strokes.  Sign-ups are due Mon 10/22.  Virginia Swimming should have a meet invite out by then.

 The ODAC Senior meet is for 15&O swimmers with BB+ in two different strokes.  Sign-ups are due Tue 10/23.  If you would like to look into possibly going to the NOVA BB/B/C meet instead of this one please talk to me first. 

 The SEVA Senior Circuit meet is for 13&O swimmers with AA+ in two different strokes.  Sign-ups are due Mon 11/1.  Swimmers in Mark’s group will only be asked to swim a max of 2 sessions (it’s a 3 session meet – 2 sessions on Sat and 1 on Sunday). 

The only practice change for the MONTH is October 31st.  We will only have ONE practice for all AG.  It will be 3:30-5:00PM. 

We will be experimenting with our dryland in the next month.  In all of Mike’s and Mark’s groups (except the 2:30 Varsity) we will have the GIRLS dryland on Mondays and Wednesdays and the BOYS dryland on Tuesday and Thursday.  We are just trying this on for size to see if it changes our dryland dynamics.  If there is a schedule conflict, swimmers can still do the dryland from with the opposite gender (carpool situations or other activities that interfere), but we will be having those genders primarily work together on those days for at least the next month.


Summary:  At the start of every swimming year, we have a horde of swimmers that are excited, ready, and raring to face a new season.  When we get to October, a difference takes hold for many of our swimmers.  Many get to a comfortable level of fitness and fail to improve on that level.  Some will even continue to push to improve through December and then plateau their efforts during the holidays.  These swimmers often swim faster at the beginning of the season than they do until champs because they are doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

  The swimmers need to improve one of these three things EVERY time they swim in EVERY practice:

 §  SWIM FASTER:  faster times, faster than last time, race faster teammates, encourage and inspire your teammates to challenge you, win the workout!

§   SWIM BETTER:  do the right things right, do them better than you did yesterday, do them better than your teammates, challenge your teammates to do the same, be the best technician in the pool!

§   SWIM faster and better LONGER:  if you can swim faster and better for short periods of time, you just need more reinforcement…repeat it…go farther…do more!

  Improving over the course of a season isn’t about focusing on these things from time to time.  It’s about doing them constantly…every practice.  Every day you equal yesterday’s effort, is a day that you missed an opportunity to take a step forward.  Be relentless in your pursuit of excellence.