May 2010

 Swimmers of the Month

May - 2010


The May Swimmer of the Month for the Novice group is Robbie Grant.

Robbie is new to the Novice group within the last couple of months, but it already seems like she is right at home. Robbie is a very sharp girl with a positive spirit. She also is already an outstanding role model for her teammates. Robbie is diligent and you can tell that she cares about learning and becoming a better swimmer. I can’t think of a time when I have had to ask her to listen or pay attention; she is very respectful and shows her respect for me as well as the team by following the rules without needing to be reminded.

Robbie has a great sense of humor and a goofy side that comes out often, but she is a very good judge of when it’s an appropriate time to be goofy and when it’s time to be serious. This is a line that Robbie doesn’t cross, and this combined with her awesome attitude and desire to succeed makes her very fun to coach! Welcome to the Novice group, Robbie- we’re very glad to have you.  

-Coach Chelsea:)


The Swimmer of the Month for the Junior group is Sydney Wong!

Sydney started with the team in September and has shown herself to be a quietly dedicated and talented young swimmer. She has a great feel for the water and her work ethic in practice has paid off. Sydney gets along with everyone in her lane and is simply a friendly, if quiet, person. She is polite at all times, and is always attentive during instruction, taking care to do her best with her technique. She has made steady progress on the Junior’s regular set of 5 x 100’s of Freestyle, and she is very adept at staying on the proper interval.

Sydney goes fast when it’s time to go fast, and she pushes herself to excel in the water. This combination of personality and work ethic have shown me that

Sydney is heading in a GREAT direction in the sport of swimming! Keep up the great work Sydney!



Andi DeKoster is the May/June Swimmer of the Month for the Pre-Senior group.

Everyone loves Andi!! He is the quintessential team player; he makes every practice fun, making sure to high-five his lane-mates on every wall, and always encouraging everyone to do their best. He brings a wonderful combination of work ethic and playfulness to practice that makes everyone around him smile AND want to go fast! Over the last month, Andi has been asked to increase his output, moving into a faster lane, and he has done an excellent job at rising to the challenge. His effort produced some exciting results in Wenatchee, and I am really looking forward to watching Andi as he begins to realize his potential!

Having fun AND swimming fast….where have we heard THAT before?

Haha!! You’re doing great Andi! *high five*


The May Swimmer of the Month for the Senior group is Gus Evans.

 At the beginning of May, I met with a group of swimmers and challenged them to raise their attendance to 80% (8 of 10 practices per week) for the month of May.  Gus was one of the swimmers who did a fantastic job of rising to the challenge.  Not only did Gus’s attendance improve (almost double) during the month of May, but also his attitude improved.

Gus has made huge strides this season in taking his swimming to the next level, gaining confidence in himself, and challenging himself with goals that reflect that growth.  He has also worked at becoming a more well-rounded swimmer, really trying to improve his technique in butterfly and freestyle, while being more willing to compete outside of his ‘comfort zone’ of breaststroke.

 I look forward to helping Gus do what’s necessary to accomplish the goals that he has set for himself.  Good luck, Gus!