How To Enter A Meet
How To Enter A Meet
Once an appropriate swim meet has been identified for your swimmer, it is necessary to fill out a San Diego-Imperial Swimming Consolidated Entry Card. Please make sure that you print clearly and provide accurate information.

If you do not have a meet entry card, please print this Blank Meet Entry Card for your entries.

The following information is required on the card as shown below:

  1. Swimmer’s name (last, first, middle initial)
  2. Circle swimmer’s gender
  3. Enter swimmer’s age on the 1st day of the meet (even if you are not swimming the 1st day)
  4. Consult the meet sheet and find the correct event number for each event you want to swim. Event numbers are odd for girls and even for boys. Next, enter the swimmer’s time for the event, making sure you enter either short course or long course times accordingly. Unless specifically directed by your coach, please do not submit converted times. Also, please note that the swimmer will not be permitted to swim an event if their time is either slower than the minimum time listed or faster than the maximum time as listed on the meet sheet.
  5. Enter the swimmer’s United States Swimming (USS) registration number. The USS number is: mo/date/year of the swimmer’s birthday, 3 letters of 1st name, middle initial, 4 letters of last name (see example below).
  6. Enter “San Diego Aquatic Club”
  7. Enter “SDAC”
  8. Enter the name of the meet you’re entering
  9. Enter parent’s name
  10. Enter phone number of person listed in #9

Additional Meet Entry Information

Meet entries must be submitted by the due date specified by your coach.

Entry Fees
Contained within the meet sheet is an explanation of fees for participation in the meet. A check, made payable to the appropriate organization as stated on the meet sheet, must accompany the meet entry card. There is generally a swimmer surcharge fee (usually $3 to $5 dollars per swimmer) as well as an individual event entry fee (usually $2 to $3 per event). If you are entering multiple swimmers from your family, you may submit one check for all entries.

Maximum Number of Events
Most meets specify the maximum number of events a swimmer is permitted to swim per day. If no maximum is stated, USA Swimming rules specify that a swimmer may swim 5 events per day. For meets involving preliminaries and finals, the maximum number of events is 3 per day.

Please be advised that it is possible to enter more than the maximum number of events per day, but you will be required to “scratch down” to the maximum number at check-in. If you are uncertain which events to enter by the entry due date, it is advisable to enter more than the maximum and scratch down at the meet. (Many swimmers often regret not signing up for a specific event by the time the meet comes around!) There are no refunds for scratches.

Proof of Time Meets
Many meets outside of the San Diego Imperial (SI) LSC require “Proof of Time” or “Blue” entry cards. These cards can be downloaded from the appropriate website of the LSC hosting the meet. To submit an entry, you will be required to provide the date, name of the meet, and your time for each event you enter. You will not be permitted to enter an event that you do not possess a qualifying time.

If you DQ or do not achieve the minimum qualifying time for an entered event AND you are not able to provide verification that you previously achieved the qualifying time, you may be fined.

Please discuss with your coach how to send in entries for meets outside of the LSC.