January 2011
Swimmer of the Month
January - 2011
Novice Group

Something I am often telling my swimmers is that all I expect of them (and all they have to do to make me proud) is to do their best. These young people exceed my expectations and make me proud every day by doing this, and this month I would like to recognize one young lady in particular for pushing herself out of her comfort zone and trying something new in order to work her hardest. That young lady, the January Swimmer of the Month for the Novice group, is Klara Schwarz.

 About a month ago, Klara came to me inquiring about what exactly this swim meet business was all about. We sat down on the bleachers and had a talk. We talked about swimming, and we talked about life. We talked about swimming when I explained to her the protocol of a swim meet, and we talked about life when we discussed the fact that she was a bit nervous about the idea of competing in a swim meet. I told her by no means was she alone in that, and that the decision was hers but I definitely thought she was ready to give a swim meet a try. By the end of our conversation, Klara had decided to face her fears and give the February Challenge a whirl. When Klara made this decision, she made the choice to challenge herself rather than stick to what was comfortable and familiar. This is a very important part of being an athlete, and Klara came through with flying colors, continuing to make me proud! Nice work, Miss Schwarz!

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Junior Group


The Swimmer of the Month for the Junior group is Maria Salomon!

Maria is a go getter. She works hard in practice and sets a good example for her lane mates, AND…she has a great monster in her belly!! I spoke with many swimmers at the February Challenge meet about the “monster inside”. Maria has the unique ability to call on the monster when she needs it…to help her race with that warrior spirit! This will be a great asset to her in swimming AND in her life. It’s a willingness to put it all out there…to try your very best…to GO FOR IT. It’s fearless, that monster. And it helps YOU be fearless too.

Maria was challenged at the February meet. She is 8 years old, and had signed up for several 25’s. I asked her to swim 100’s…and while she was very nervous, she did it anyway. She called on the monster to help her…and she was AMAZING!! She swam 1 of the 25’s…and afterwards told me, “They’re too easy”. EXACTLY…the monster needs you to challenge yourself!! It wants a bigger meal!  As Maria continues to improve…she AND her monster will be ones to watch!

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Pre-Senior Group


The Pre-Senior Swimmer of the Month is Patrick Lisosky!!!

Every swimmer has a different way of approaching the sport, but as a coach, one of the most fun things to watch is the change that comes over swimmers when they decide that this is something they really WANT. For Patrick, that change kicked off with a swim cap. 

For a very long time, Patrick didn’t wear a cap. While this is not unusual, many boys with longer hair eventually realize that a swim cap is one of the tools that will help them achieve their goals in the sport. So, when Patrick started wearing a swim cap regularly to practice, I took notice. It said something about his seriousness, his willingness, and his goals.

Now, Patrick wears a cap. He asks questions about his technique, he works on improving his strokes, he moved to the front of his lane, he tries his best, and he encourages others to do so as well. Patrick has decided that swimming is important to him. He’s decided that he wants to improve and be a contributor to his high school team next year. Patrick has decided he’s a swimmer. Patrick wears a cap.

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Senior Group

The Senior Group Swimmer of the Month for January is Julie Maurer.

Julie had outstanding practice attendance, commitment, drive and determination, during the end of December through the end of January.  She was focused on her goals and worked very hard to achieve them.

 At the Washington Open swim meet in January, Julie’s hard work and fortitude paid off handsomely, when she achieved all best times.  It was fun to see her achieving her goals, her excitement and satisfaction, , and knowing that her hard work was coming to fruition.

Julie has been a strong leader for the Senior Group.  She sets as positive example for the other athletes with her drive and work ethic.  She is a positive role model for our team in and out of the water.

Julie enjoys playing guitar in a heavy metal band.  Rock-on, Julie!

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