What to Bring to Pra

What to Bring to Practice

Swimmers should bring the following items to each practice in their swim bag regardless of which practice group they are in:

  • 2 practice swimsuits (in case one rips)
  • 2 pair of goggles
  • Mesh Equipment Bag with equipment
  • 2 swim caps (both for boys and girls)
  • 1 towel
  • 1 full water bottle.  You can bring Gatorade and vitamin water if you wish
  • 1 pair tennis shoes - sometimes needed for land work
  • 1 healthy snack for the ride home

During the winter months

  • 1 pair of sweats and/or a sweatshirt during the winter
  • 1 hat and/or coat during the winter
  • 1 swim bag to carry it all

Equipment varies throughout the groups.  For more information on what to bring for each practice group, please review the practice group descriptions.