Swim Times

How Swim Times are Calculated

Each swimmer has a total of 4 times recorded for each race:  The pad time, back-up plunger time, and two stop-watch times recorded by the timers.  One timer will have one stop-watch and a clip-board for recording times.  The second timer will have a stop-watch and will press the "plunger" which records a back-up time.  The 4th time is recorded when the swimmer touches the pad.   This is the time displayed on the score board.

Typically, the touch-pad time is recorded as the official time. However, occasionally the swimmer will grab the gutter instead of hitting the pad, or will not actually hit the pad until well after the race is over.  In that case, the touch-pad time will be slow. Officials working the timing system compare the 4 times for each swimmer in every race for consistency.  If a large discrepancy exists, the officials will then use the computer system to calculate an "official time" based on the three remaining back-up times.  

While the meet officials make every effort to record the most accurate time possible for every swimmer in every event, mistakes can occur.  If you believe your swimmer has been given an inaccurate time, please notify your coach.  It is then the coach's responsibility to approach the meet officials and ask for a review.