How Can I Help?

Killer Whale Swimming is a non-profit, year-round swim team club. We are parent-operated by volunteers, and parent-funded. We appreciate all volunteer help. Our home meets are a big source of revenue to sustain team operations. Revenue is needed to pay our excellent coaching staff, rent the pool facilities we use, pay for equipment and other required expenses. The revenue also helps to keep registration fees for our swimmers lower. One of the best ways you can help is to volunteer at our home swim meets! It takes an enormous amount of manpower to operate a swim meet.  We cannot run the swim meets without the volunteer help from our swimmers' families! Other volunteer opportunities include being a coordinator or serving on the Board of Directors. Your willingness to volunteer is critical to us and it sends a message of support, responsibility and pride to your children.

$400 Volunteer Incentive Fee (VIF) is charged to each family upon registration. Families that volunteer for 5 sessions/credits ($80 per session/credit) during the season will have their full VIF refunded at the end of the season ($400).  Families will have ALL season to earn back all 5 of their VIFs ($400).

  • If a family does not volunteer at all throughout the season, they are assessed a $200 penalty and will forfeit their entire VIF.
  • If a family volunteers 1-2 times/sessions, they are assessed a $100 penalty and will forfeit any unfulfilled VIFs.
  • If a family volunteers 3-4 times/sessions, they forfeit unfulfilled VIFs and will NOT be assessed any penalty.
  • Once all families have had the opportunity to sign up for volunteer slots (and if there are still openings), families who already have fulfilled all of their VIFs (5 credits - $400), will receive HALF OF A CREDIT per volunteer session ($40 per credit = 50% of the full $80 credit).

Meet Volunteer – 1 share per FULL session ($80 per credit/session)
There are multiple opportunities to volunteer at our home meets. You must work the entire session (which is around half a day) to get full credit.  This means you must appear on time and remain until dismissed in order to receive your credit.

  • Timer: Use a stopwatch to time and record swimmers in one lane during their races. You will receive instruction for everything you need to know about timing and recording prior to the session. No prior experience is needed.
  • Place Judge: Record the order of finish for each race (backup timing system). 
  • Meet Marshal: Positioned on the pool deck and in hallways. Ensures safe warm ups and monitors access to pool. No prior experience necessary. We need as many as 8 marshals per meet session!
  • Concession Sales: Work at the concession stand selling food and drinks. No prior experience necessary.
  • Clean up/ Take Down: Help clean up, take down meet as needed and patrol meet area for trash/lost and found. Provide deck relief or volunteer assistance. No prior experience necessary.
  • First aid / Safety Person: Roaming volunteer to help with any safety/first aid issues and otherwise provide medical assistance.  Must have experience in the medical field.
  • Head Timer: Prior experience as timer required. Monitors timers for proper procedure. Serves as back-up to timers by starting 2 stopwatches for each race.
  • Hospitality and Check in: Handle check in of coaches/officials and assist with meals, snacks and beverages for coaches, officials and volunteers. No prior experience necessary.
  • DAK operator: Must be trained to run the DAK (computer timing system) - or willing to be trained prior to the meet.
  • Heat Sheet and Other Sales: Sell heat sheets and manage sales for advertising - family and friends can pay to have congrats messages put on scoreboard. No prior experience necessary.
  • Runner: Collect timer sheets, post meet results, help as needed. No prior experience necessary.
  • Awards Table: Responsible for making ribbons and other awards. No prior experience necessary.

Donations:  On occasion, VIF credits can be earned back by donating concession items for our home meets.  The maximum number of credits which can be earned back in this way is 1 out of the 5 per year ($80 total). If you donate concession item(s), you must donate what is requested and the quantity that is requested to receive your VIF. 

Full VIF credits (5) for the season can be earned by volunteering to be Concessions coordinator, Assistant concessions coordinator, Volunteer coordinator, Assistant volunteer coordinator, serving as the team registrar,  becoming an official or serving on a committee or the Board of Directors.  1 credit = $80; 5 credits (full VIF) x $80 per credit = $400 earned back.

Questions?  Contact Amanda Kovach and Ryan Smith (Volunteer Coordinators) at