Our Team

Questions about joining the Sailfish Team:   Contact Head Coach Al Rose at  412-906-2583 or [email protected]


Motivate and assist swimmers of all ages and abilities by preparation and training to achieve swimming performance beyond the boundary of their talents and physical gifts in the belief that this experience will prove invaluable to them as they grow and develop.


Jewish Community Center Aquatics is a full service program that begins with learn-to-swim lessons and advances to the competitive swim team.  The Sailfish range from novice swimmers through nationally ranked swimmers and progresses all the way to a master swim program for adults.  The Sailfish swim team belongs to and is sanctioned by USA Swimming.  Each participant in the program is evaluated and placed in the appropriate group that best suits his or her well-being.  Sound technique and proper fundamentals are stressed at all levels with each level being a natural transition to the next level. 

At each level of the Sailfish program, swimmers are instructed to strive for excellence. Excellence in this sense represents the achievement of that level at which you know that you have done your utmost to become the best you can be. This philosophy is consistent throughout the program, and every Sailfish, novice to master swimmer is encouraged to do his or her best.  

  • To provide a level of coaching that will lead to the development of character, self-confidence, and the love for the sport in an atmosphere of caring and consideration.
  • To encourage them to dream, help them set worthy goals, promote a strong work ethic, provide support when they struggle, and inspire them to persevere until they succeed.
  • To encourage parents to actively support both their child and the program as a whole, realizing that their personal investment is a key ingredient to a young person’s success in any endeavor.
  • We are one of the top USA Swimming Teams in Western Pennsylvania
  • We have developed numerous outstanding Age Groups, Middle & high school, Junior & Senior National, International, Maccabi and Olympic Swimmers.
  • Our Swimmers have earned college scholarships or gotten into the school of their choice.

The JCC Sailfish Swim Team is over 90 years old.