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Q & A

Q:  Can you explain the importance of PRACTICE … 

A:  Practice schedules are found on our team website. While it rarely happens, practices can be canceled so check the website or email for practice changes. We ask that you don’t leave until your child is safely inside the pool area and a coach is present.

We strongly recommend that swimmers try to attend as many practices as possible. It is like any sport; the more you practice the better you’ll be! So, the more often a swimmer attends practice, the faster they usually progress. Our coaches assume that swimmers are going to miss practice here and there for many different reasons. One of the best things about swimming is that the swimmers get what they put into it. As a sport, swimming promotes the development of self-discipline and inner-strength. Even the swimmer that may come every day, but does not swim their best practices will see it in the end. Our program uses attendance for a few things: practice & stroke building, meets, relays, and coaching decisions. Practices that are on the calendar are the recommended practices and commitment for that particular group. We use attendance for decisions like: is this swimmer ready and/or prepared for his/her meet. We want to see the swimmers at the majority of practices to allow them to develop into the best they can be.

Q:  How does billing work?

A:  Our team utilizes two outlets for swim team  … monthly training fees are billed through the LRAC (member and non-member) or the LRRC (member). ALL other fees (USA Registration, swim meets, equipment, and team functions) are billed through our team website (TEAM UNIFY – www.dolphin-laser.com).

Q:  How does team communication work?

A:  The primary means of communication is through the Dolphin team website and email. Please let us know if you do not have access to email or a computer. If you are not receiving emails and have given us your email address at registration, or if your email address has changed, please log onto your Team Unify account and make the necessary changes. Each swimming family has a mailbox (file folder) at the pool practice location where unclaimed meet awards will be placed. Please check your mailbox and the team website regularly.

Q:  What’s the best way to get comfortable with the SWIM TEAM ENVIRONMENT?

A:  Please introduce yourself to other parents during practices, meets, or team functions. We’ve all had “new swimmers” at one time and were full of questions about how the swimming program worked. Feel free to ask questions. Seasoned swim parents will have lots of tips and ideas for you. By all means, if other swim parents can't answer your question, talk to your coach or call the swim team office ... 501.225.5711

Q:  What are the best ways to best FUEL my swimmer?

A:  The two articles below offer some great ideas …

  1. Athlete nutrition
  2. Swimmer's nutrition


Q:  Is my swimmer ready for swim meets?

A:  Talk to the coaches. They will tell you if your swimmer is ready for competition. We have a complete list of swim meets for this season on our website. As the host club prepares for their meet, they send out meet info to the coaches (usually a few weeks before entries are due). We post them on the website, along with the entry due date (usually 1 ½ weeks before the meet). Entries MUST be made via the Team Unify Site using the "meet sign-up" feature.