Volunteer Policy


As many of you know volunteerism is crucial in keeping any athletic organization running smoothly. We are so appreciative of the time parents volunteer and recognize their valuable time contributions as the heart behind the Dolphin Booster Association.  

The Dolphin Booster Association is a non-profit organization composed of all families on the team.  The association has been created to support the needs of the Dolphin Swim Team.

The Dolphin Association is run by a board consisting of parent volunteers and coaches. The Association raises money to pay for all swim team expenses except for payroll and pool rental of LRAC and LRRC.

We fund most of our expenses by hosting of swim meets. Swim meets are run by volunteers, no one gets paid, we all just pitch in to make a great experience for our swimmers and swimmers from around the region.  The team host 6 meets during the short course season and 2 to 3 meets in the summer.  It can take from 60 parent volunteer positions for a one-day meet and up to 150 volunteer positions for a three-day meet. That averages about 30 volunteers for each session.

The expenses include the following: pool rental of UALR, Jacksonville, & Sherwood, coaches’ travel and meet expenses, swimmers & coaches apparel, training equipment,  banquet awards, administrative expenses, awards for meets, running the summer league program, pool rental for Jacksonville & Sherwood,Team Unify web site fees, motivational events and awards, social expenses, supplemental payroll, coaches education, certifications, & background checks, officials USS registration & background check, teams yearly USS fees, administrative expenses, swim meet expenses & sanctions, & insurance dues. The Association may have additional expenses depending upon needs. 

Organizing enough volunteers for the meet can be demanding and crucial to the success of the meet. The Booster Board has researched the volunteer requirements of other swim teams as well as of other children’s sports volunteer requirements.  Through this research we have put in place the below volunteer requirement policy. We feel in comparison this is a very friendly requirement, but one needed in order to fill the needs of volunteers necessary to run the meets.  Volunteer positions require very little training and if a volunteer is unsure about a position please contact the meet director for any questions. all Officials are exempt from any requirement. If you are interested in becoming an official please contact coach Tay or Coach Keith.


The volunteer policy applies for the parents of all Dolphin swimmers who compete in USA sanctioned swim meets.
Each family is required to work at least 24 hours for the short course season & 16 hours for the long course season.  Each job is assigned the actual number of hours estimated to complete the job. Team Unify uses "points" and "hours" interchangeably. Points and hours are the same thing, i.e. if a job says it is worth 4 points, that means it fulfills 4 hours of your volunteer commitment.
* Officials
* If it is the family's first season on the team.
* If  8 and under parent is attending the meet by themselves. However if you are a parent of an 8 and under and you can help, we would greatly appreciate it. 
State Championships
If we are attending State Champs and another team is hosting, we may be responsible for providing two timers per session. If this is the case, each parent will be asked to time two hours for the meet. These will count toward two hours of your hourly volunteer commitment.
Prior: Volunteers must signup on line prior to the event! Team Unify has a system for keeping up with your volunteer hours. You must sign up for your volunteer position under “job sign up” by midnight prior to the start of the meet. The jobs are on a first-come, first-serve basis, so please sign up quickly.  
Event:  Volunteers must also sign the volunteer check-in sheet located at the clerk of course/awards table in order to receive credit for their participation. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to sign in. Unless excused by the meet director, the volunteer must remain during the entire length of the session he is working, regardless of when the swimmers’ races are completed. 



At the start of each season, you may elect to opt-out of support hours and make a payment to the club of $20 per hour. Though we would much prefer you to volunteer your time, this fee will allow us to hire the necessary people we need to provide the best competitive opportunities for the athletes. This must be paid at the start of each season.


Families with unfulfilled support hour commitments will be billed $20 per unfulfilled support hour. This will be charged to your account at the end of each season.

Thank you again for providing the support necessary to provide our children with the opportunity to participate in competitive swimming.