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When An Athlete Registers

When an athlete registers you will pay their USA Swimming annual registration fee ($64), a prorated MAC team registration fee ($25), and a prorated MPS facility fee ($15) online at the time of registration.  When your athlete is approved and placed on the roster the account you have set up will be charged for their first month's dues.  After that you will fall into our normal billing cycle, which is detailed below.
Registration fees cannot be refunded. In cases of illness or personal injury, exceptions may be made based on fees submitted to USA Swimming and MPS at owner's discretion.

Annual Registration Fees

United States Swimming Registration Fee- $64*
Paid by all swimmers upon joining the team and each September thereafter.
This is a required fee that covers the cost to register the swimmer with United States Swimming.

MAC Team Registration Fee- $50 per season
Paid by all families upon joining the team and at the beginning of each season (short course and long course): September 1st and April 1st each year (Billed at a prorated amount of $25 if joining between billing dates.)

This fee helps to cover the costs associated with team equipment, the expenses involved with sending coaches to meets, and other various areas that serve as a continued benefit for all MAC members. 
The December registration fee is waived for all families who have completed 48 hours of volunteer service for the previous calendar year.

* USA Registration and MAC Team Registration fees are non-refundable!

Mesa Public Schools Facility Fee- $25 per athlete, per quarter
Paid January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st, for each athlete.
(Billed at a prorated amount of $15 if joining between billing dates).

Monthly Team Fees

Billed automatically and due on the 1st of each month.  Please review your account each month to ensure that your account will bill properly on the 1st.

Training Group Dues
Novice  $75
10 & Under $95
White Group $95
Red Group $115
Black Group $135
Senior 3 $115
Senior 2 $145
Senior 1 $175
National Training Group $195

- There is a $5 discount for each sibling after the first full paid swimmer in a family.

- Families who elect to pay seasonally (Fall- August 1st, Spring- December 1st, Summer- April 1st) will receive a 10% discount on monthly dues.

- Monthly dues are billed automatically on the 1stof each month through the MAC auto-pay system.
New families will set up their payment arrangements upon joining the team through the Team Unify website.
- Monthly dues are non-refundable.  Exceptions may be made for cases of illness or personal injury at the owner's discretion.

Meet Fees

Swimmers who choose to participate in swim meets will be charged for the meet based on the specific fees for that meet.  Families can expect to pay a $5 MAC surcharge and a $6 LSC surcharge per athlete per meet and anywhere from $3-6 per individual event.  These fees will be included in the monthly charges billed out on the 1st of each month for those members using auto-pay. If not on auto-pay the meet entry fees are due prior to swimming in the meet.

Please note that if you have declared your swimmer's participation in a meet you will be charged for those meet fees regardless of your swimmer's actual participation at the meet (MAC is charged by the host team once the meet entries are sent in prior to the start of the event and are always non-refundable).

 Membership Cancelation and Holds

Please note that MAC requires that those wishing to suspend their team participation either permanently or for a specific period of time must contact a team administrator to fill out the proper paperwork.  Mesa Aquatics Club requires that any changes to account status be given in writing via the MAC Online Cancelation/ Suspension Notice Form. All cancelations are subject to a 15-day notice policy.  Registration fees are non-refundable.

If you have questions on your account or need to freeze your membership please contact Erin Shields, Team Manager. Erin may be reached via email at .

Team Breaks

Mesa Aquatics Club takes a one-week break at the end of each season.  Short Course break usually falls in March and the Long Course break in August.  We also take short breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break.  Dues remain the same for each month.

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