Technical Suit Policy

RIO Technical Suit Policy

Many swimming teams have some policy regarding the use of technical suits in competition.  RIO wants parents to be aware of the following:

  1. The cost of technical suits makes them unattainable for some athletes. We do not want to add any pressure on parents by increasing the cost of our sport and therefore will NEVER require that our athletes wear technical suits.
  2. Performance is not the only evaluation of success for younger swimmers.  The coaches want to see a growth in technique, understanding of rules, work ethic, and above all character.  Technical suits play no part in that.
  3. Swimmers develop a mental dependency on a technical suit, placing more trust in technology than their personal ability.  A separate record of best times should be kept once a technical suit is worn for competition.  One best time list for races swam in team/practice suit and one list for races swam in a technical suit. 

Because RIO training placement is based, in part, upon athlete performance, athletes will be allowed to use technical suits. We are a competitive swimming team. However, the use of a technical suit should be limited to Prelim/Final and season-ending competitions. Athletes in high school, Senior 1-2, should be especially mindful of their performance and training plan.  Please be respectful and open-minded about discussing usage of technical suits with coaches. The coaching staff, on the same hand, will be mindful of an athlete and families desire for wearing a technical suit at a given competition. 

Athletes should be communicating with their coaches about training and performance. RIO wants to work with swimmers and families to achieve the highest measure of success.  Consult your coach, work together to find the competition that will accent your athletes training and together we will be successful.  


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