Volunteer Assessment

Swim Meet Volunteer Assessments (Competitive Team Only):

Our club is funded in two main ways. First, we collect monthly membership dues. Secondly, we host swim meets. In these two ways we are able to fund the needs of our club. 
Without swim meets your monthly dues would be significantly higher. As a result, each family of the Competitive Team is responsible to assist in running our swim meets. Those that cannot or do not wish to volunteer can pay an assessment fee per meet session. In this manner each family of the team is held equally responsible for helping our club raise the additional funds needed to operate.
Families are required to provide one volunteer per meet session their child participates in. The only exception to this rule would be during the Lost Dutchman Invite, hosted each February. Due to the size and financial impact of the Lost Dutchman meet we take an "all hands on deck" approach. All families are required to volunteer regardless if their child actually swims in the meet or not. Luckily, all RIO Competitive Team swimmers are eligible to swim in this meet. 
Volunteers do not have to be a member of your family but all volunteers must work the entire meet session.  Families that cannot volunteer or do not want to volunteer will be assessed a $45 meet operations fee per session not worked. Assessments to families that do not volunteer will be applied to the next invoice following the meet's completion.
Details about how and when to volunteer will be emailed to each family prior to each RIO hosted meet. Please direct any questions to or call David at 480-897-7946 (SWIM).