What is U.S. Masters Swimming?

USMS, founded in 1970, is a national nonprofit membership created for adults who want to continue swimming. USMS provides benefits to nearly 60,000 Masters swimmers across the country.

These benefits include insuranceSWIMMER magazinesanctioned events, and many others. USMS and its 52 Local Masters Swimming Committees (LMSCs) provide direct support to more than 1,500 Masters Swimming clubs and workout groups. Structure and organization of USMS programs vary and are driven by factors such as pool availability, instructor or coach availability, community support, and finances. The majority of locations offering Masters Swimming programs have coaches on deck. Coaches write workouts and provide feedback and instruction.

SEDONA MASTERS AND ADULT SWIMMING Image result for sedona swordfish swim team

Love to swim?  The sky is the limit.  Most Masters  swimmers do not wish to compete and with that in  mind Sedona Masters offers individual lap  swimming, structured workouts and stroke and technique assistance for any who desire it. We can cater practices ranging from the beginner lap swimmer to the competitive swimmer.  Our practice times vary depending upon the season, but there are many opportunities to get in the water.  Come join the fun, make new friends and get in the best shape of your life.  Swimming is the best activity for cardio vascular fitness, flexibility, endurance, strength building with little or no impact on your joints!  Come meet our Coaches and get ready for some fun!  Get wet today!!!!
As a requirement of our team, you must first register for USMS at @

When you do this, register as Arizona Masters Inc for your team and Sedona Masters as your workout group.  The Swordfish will also pay for our annual registration to keep us functioning as a team.  Bring your USMS registration card to your first practice.  

Current Master Fees

$10 per drop in session

$85 per month

$65 punch card for 10 swims

$100 punch card for 20 swims

Current Pool Schedule for Masters

Saturday and Sunday 8-10 am    7:00 am beginning March 29th

Monday Wednesday Friday 2-5 pm

Tuesday Thursday 5-7 pm