Bronze Group

Monday - Friday  4:00 - 5:30 PM

Kathy Hall

Swimmers in the Bronze Group practice up to 5 times per week and attend swim meets on a regular basis.  The main focus of their practice sessions are stroke technique and conditioning.  Parents can help their swimmers by making sure that they:

  • come prepared to practice with the proper attire: swim cap, goggles, a bathing suit, and fins.
  • attend practice in a daily and timely manner. .
  • have fun at practice



Requirements to move to the next level (Gold)

Typically, a Bronze level swimmer must have 10-under Dec./June Invite times and be ready to swim 4-5 practices per week.  The Bronze coach will ultimately decide when a swimmer is ready to move to the Gold Group.

Date Meet Location Due Date Effort
2/18-20/2017 Metro Champs La Mirada 2/1 TEAM EFFORT
3/11-12/2017 Trident BRW Rowland HS 2/27 Optional
3/16-19/2017 SC Junior Olympics Rose Bowl 3/6 TEAM EFFORT
4/8-9/2017 Cerritos LC BRW Cerritos 3/27 Should Attend
4/22/2017 Red-White Tri-Meet San Gabriel 3/27 Red/White only
5/6-7/2017 Downey LC BRW Downey 4/19 Optional
5/21/2017 Red-White Tri-Meet Bellflower 5/7 Red/White only
6/10-11/2017 Downey LC BR only Downey 5/24 Last Ditch JAG
6/15-18/2017 JAG La Mirada   TEAM EFFORT
6/24-25/2017 Bellflower RW Bellflower   Optional
7/14-16/2017 Metro Champs La Mirada   TEAM EFFORT
7/27-30/2017 LC JO's Fullerton   TEAM EFFORT
9/16-17/2017 Commerce BRW Commerce   Optional
10/14-15/2017 Bellflower BRW Bellflower   Optional