Programs Overview

Synchronized swimming is a fun team sport for anyone who enjoys exploring movement and dancing in the water!

Synchro is considered the “sport that has it all”. Athletes have training in so many different sports and activities including; dance, diving, gymnastics, speed swimming, water polo, pilates and yoga, running, musical development, acting, and even stage-performance!  Whether your child would like to experience the joys of the sport in a non-competitive recreational atmosphere or have the opportunity to wear a sparkly swim suit and perform with a team at a competition, GO Capital Synchro offers synchronized swimming programs perfect for all levels.


Recreational Program

Our non-competitive, Recreational Program is designed for swimmers with little or no synchro experience who wish to learn the sport or those looking for an alternative to traditional swimming lessons.

Novice Program

The GO Capital Novice Program is designed to introduce competitions to the athletes. From a commitment and skill perspective, it is a step up from the Recreational programs.

Competitive Stream Programs

GO Capital offers Provincial Stream and National Stream Programs that offer a high quality, supportive training environment where coaches encourage team work and excellence.

Athletes With A Disability

Water equals accessibility! Whether it is for competition or for therapy, synchro boosts self - esteem, builds strength and stamina, and enhances the overall quality of life for people with disabilities. The Go Capital Synchro Club offers two streams of programming for Athletes with Disabilities (AWD) – one for physical challenges, and the other for cognitive challenges. The key criteria for participating in the program is that if the participant can swim, they can try synchro. If you are interested in this program, please contact for more details.


The GO Capital Synchro Master Program is designed for swimmers over the age of 18 and includes both Recreational and Competitive Masters.  We welcome swimmers of all synchro backgrounds and fitness levels.


If you love the water and are looking for something beyond swimming laps, synchronized swimming may be just the thing for you!

If you are interested in one of the GO Capital Synchro programs, please contact for more details.