Tryout Q&A

Below are common questions that parents have prior to trying out for our team

When can I try out? You can come and try out at the Kroc center pool any Monday Tuesday or Thursday at 6:55 pm. (exception.. we normally take a break during the 2nd 1/2 of Aug.)

 E-mail here: Swim team tryout question

What does my swimmer have to be able to do? The minimum requirements to be on the team are: 1) the swimmer needs to be at least 5 years old; and 2) the swimmer needs to be able to comfortably swim 50 yards of freestyle, breathing to the side, with their face in the water in under 1:30. Alsoneeds to be able to comfortably swim 25 yards of backstroke. If your swimmer is not is not yet ready, the Kroc center has lessons available.

Can we try it out for a few days? As long as you past the test, we always give you a couple of days to try it out before your have to turn in your paperwork.

What if I can't make every practice? No problem. The more practices you attend, the more you'll get out of our program. If you're going to miss a day on a regular basis (like every Tuesday), or if you're going to miss many practices in a row, be sure to let your coach know.

Do we have to compete? The general answer is, yes, although we do have a few exceptions.We are a competitive swim team. The benefits and life lessons that swimmers learn by competing and preparing to compete are extremely valuable, and we strongly encourage you to compete in the competitions assigned by the coaches.

My swimmer has previous competitive experience and is well above beginning level. Does CAST have a place for him/her? CAST has many levels from Novice swimmers all the way up to Olympic Trials qualifiers. Whether you're 5 years old and just barely ready for the team, or you have been swimming competitively for 10 years, we have a spot for you.

Do I have to swim year-round? No. Many of our younger swimmers do other sports and activities. We encourage you to explore other activities, especially for younger athletes. So if you want to drop off the team for a while, and come back later in the year, you just have to let the treasurer know. As long as you notify the treasurer in advance, any full calendar months that you do not swim, you will not have to pay for.

What are the fees and commitments? The fees vary with the level you swimmer is placed in. Please see our team application under the applications / docs tab. In general there is a monthly fee based upon swimmer level, an annual membership with USA swimming, some volunteer hours, and about 2  fundraisers per year.

The commitment sounds like a lot, is it worth it? Absolutely! Competitive swimming with CAST is not just a spot to swim, it is a a place to learn life lessons and grow as person while becoming a better swimmer. In the past 10 years, over 75% of our swimmers who swam year-round 2 or more years leading up to graduating from high school have gone on to swim in college.  See here for our values, vision, and mission. The typical GPA of our graduating seniors is around 4.0, and it's pretty common to have GPA's above 4.3. Dedication, commitment, and work ethic in swimming really do carry on to other aspects in their lives.

Do we have to become members of the Kroc center? No. CAST rents pool time from the Kroc center. We are an entirely separate entity. As a member of CAST, you will be allowed to come in for our practices. When they allow you in, you are not allowed to use any of the services or programs other than the CAST practices unless you join the Kroc center or pay the usage fee. (discounts may be available for CAST members).

Recap for new swimmers:

  1. Try out.

  2. Fill out and turn in a team application with appropriate fees.

  3. Check with the coach to make sure there are no upcoming changes to the practice schedule.

  4. Purchase the appropriate training equipment required by their coach.

  5. Begin attending practices.

  6. Register with USA SWIMMING. You have 30 days from beginning with the team to register. We recommend waiting a week or two to make sure your child is going to stick with it.

  7. Communicate with your coach to see when your child will first be competing and make sure you follow the steps to get them entered ahead of the deadline.

  8. Don't be afraid to ask questions. See your coach before or after practice, send them an e-mail, or ask them to e-mail or call you. Talk to other parents who've been around for a couple of years - for general information.

We want your experience with CAST to be a positive life building experience. Don't be afraid to get involved.



Kroc ctr is located at 6845 University Ave. in San Diego