Santa Clara Swim Club History

Santa Clara Swim Club is the premier swim club in the South Bay. Our club was founded in 1951 by George Haines who is considered internationally to be one of the best swim coaches in history.  Our many accolades include World Records, Olympic Champions, World Champions, Sullivan Awards, Male and Female World and U.S. Swimmer of the Year. 

Santa Clara Swim Club also has a rich history of notable amateur swimmers.  Donna de Varona, Don Schollander, Mark Spitz, Chris Von Saltza, and Pablo Morales have trained and competed for Santa Clara. The club has produced 33 Olympic gold medals, 12 silver, and 9 bronze during its proud history.

From the days of legendary coach George Haines to its current head coach, John Bitter, Santa Clara has remained committed to developing champions not just in the pool but in all walks of life. Discipline, sportsmanship, hard work, and team involvement are stressed throughout the program. Through the dedication of its swimmers, coaches, and parents, Santa Clara Swim Club carries on this tradition, continuing to contribute to the sport of swimming in the United States.

The yardstick of excellence established at Santa Clara Swim Club is the measure that all  other clubs face when looking to achieve recognition and greatness.



Santa Clara Swim Club