CORE 2 - Self-Esteem

Inner Engineering
People often say “sports are 90% mental and 10%”- physical and then spend little time on the 90%.At the Arete Swim Camp we devote a portion of each day (Monday through Thursday to re-engineering the “mental side” of each camper.  One of those sessions is a presentation and discussion about good nutrition for athletes. The other three days are devoted to a variety of goal-oriented games and exercises that explore the mental side of swimming fast and succeeding in life.  Campers always enjoy this part of the day.

Alternative Learning Methods

At each session, campers have the unique opportunity of participating in a special activity which allows them to transfer guided experiences in teamwork Attention, Retention, Effort, Teamwork and Enthusiasm from land to their competitive swimming experience.

   We divide our group in two or three age-groups in order to have more age-appropriate learning.


    Each year we bring to the ARETE SWIM CAMP a session of Spirit Games culminates our Inner Engineering. These are teams within the camp that compete in the areas of visualization, concentration, teamwork and more.