Core Objectives

      The word "ARETE" is an ancient Greek word that means "champion" or "achievement everlasting. In 2016, the ARETE Swim Camp begins it's twentieth year of serving children and families through the sport of competitive swimming. The Camp is the creation of three-time USA National Team coach, seven-time national championship team coach, four-time Big East Coach of the Year, and author, Coach Chuck Warner.

        Long ago Coach Warner asked himself, "If people say that success in sport is 90% mental and 10% physical, why do they spend 90% on the 10% and in a lot of cases 0 on the 90%?" At the ARETE Swim Camp we take the Greek approach of developing mind, body and spirit.

The ARETE Swim Camp Four Core Objectives:

  • Immediately improve each INDIVIDUAL'S SKILLS.
  • Enhance each individual's SELF-ESTEEM as a swimmer.
  • Greatly develop the joy of TEAMWORK in each camper and send them home better able to be teammate.
  • Create WOW! experiences for every camper of things that excite them about the sport.