Meet Schedule

Falfins 2014-2015 Short Course Meet Schedule

2015 Long Course Schedule (below)



Participating Groups


Feb 14-15 @ TBA

Valentine’s Invite


Feb 27-Mar 1 @ DU  

Silver State Championships


Feb 27-Mar 1 @ DU

CSI Senior Meet


Mar 6-8, 2015 @VMAC

Age Group State Championship


Mar 25-29, 2015 

Speedo Champions Series: Sectionals





Meets in Bold are Falfins Hosted; we will need all hands on deck to ensure successful competitions.


2015 Long Course Meet Schedule


April 19                                   Falfins Banquet / Annual Meeting                     AFA Press box
April 25-26                              CS Aquatics: CSST Invite @ OTC                     Blues, Silvers, Seniors
May 8-10 @Carmondy              FST Long Course Open                                   D2, Blues, Silvers, Srs.
June 5-7                                   LOBO Invite; Albuquerque, NM                      Blues, Silvers, Seniors
June 26-28 @ AFA                CS Aquatics: Falfins LC Inivte                    D2, Blues, Silvers, Srs.
June 26-28                               Rocky Mountain State Games                        Summer Club, D1s
July 17-19                                Mountain Swim League Meet                          D1-Seniors
July 23-36  @ AFA                   CSI State Championships                           Qualifiers
July 29-Aug 2                           Senior Western Zones: Clovis, CA                   Qualifiers
July 30-Aug 3                           Junior Nationals: San Antonio                         Qualifiers
Aug 5-8                                    Age Group Western Zones: Hawaii                Qualifiers
Aug 6-10                                  USA Swimming National Champs                   Qualifiers

We will be hosting the June meet and State meet at AFA.