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Do you iGive? You really should! It’s Easy!
iGive is a fundraiser for the Longmont Swim Club and all it requires on your part is to purchase items you were already planning on buying from your favorite online stores you already shop at. It is as simple as that.

Purchasing music from the iTunes Music Store? Click on the iTunes link in ... itunes automatically opens up and 2% of your purchase will be donated to the Longmont Swim Club. Extra cost to you ... $0.00. Finally buying that laptop you’ve had your eye on at Best Buy? Purchase it through and 1.2% of your purchase price will be donated to the Longmont Swim Club. Extra cost to you ... $0.00. Get the idea? has over 700 stores you can buy items from and for every purchase made a donation will be made to the Redtails. Popular brand name stores  like Land’s End, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Dell, Ebay, Fandango, Home Depot, Linens ’N Things, OfficeMax, Radio Shack, REI, Starbucks, T-Moble, Target,,,, Patagonia, and Odds are if you’ve shopped there before, you can buy it through and donate to the Redtails at the same time!

How it works
Go to to sign-up and select your cause (In this case the Longmont Swim Club). Go to the mall at and select the store you will be shopping at. You will then be directed to the website of the store of your choice and shop normally. When you checkout your items will be remembered as an iGive purchase and the Retails will receive a donation in the mail from your purchase. Your price is the same as if you shopped without iGive ... the only difference is the donation of a percentage of your total purchase price to the Redtails.

So jump in sign-up and help the Redtails meet their fundraising goals! This is an easy fund raiser that requires a  minimum effort on your part to make a difference to the team.

Don’t Forget Grandma!
Remember the days when we sold candy bars to grandma for our fundraiser? She can still help out the team with iGive. Actually, anyone can ... not just team members! All they need to do is sign-up and select Longmont Swim Club as their cause. Have a work office that wants to do more to help out their community but their funds for donation is already spent? Your office can purchase their office supplies though iGive at the same price they would be paying anyway ... and a donation gets sent to the Longmont Swim Club. So help out, tell your friends and family to sign-up and their donation will be greatly appreciated by those in your local swimming community.

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