The Longmont Swim Club

The Longmont Swim Club has a long tradition of developing highly skilled and well trained athletes in the sport of competitive swimming. Many of these swimmers go on to pursue very successful collegiate swimming careers. Recognizing that swimming is a year round sport, some former club members return during collegiate down times, to train with the Longmont Swim Club. This policy seeks to address the requirements collegiate swimmers must adhere to in order to train with the club:

All returning collegiate swimmers must:

  1. Present a USA Swimming membership registration card that is current.
  2. Be a member of a collegiate swim team.
  3. Coordinate arrival and departure with the Longmont Swim Club Head Coach.
  4. Collegiate swimmers swim with the team at the discretion of the  Head Coach, who will consider lane space, water time, current roster and training regimen when determining if openings exist.
  5. Sign a current Longmont Swim Club “Code of Conduct” form and abide by it.
  6. Pay dues in advance.


Our Collegiate swimmers are a valuable resource for our club and will set an example for our younger swimmers. They also have many more obligations on their time, and may not be able to practice frequently over college breaks. It is for these reasons collegiate swimmers receive a discount on their dues. 

Ø    Summer Dues can be pro-rated based upon the number of training weeks desired and the monthly rate is equal to that of the Gold training group, currently $115 per month. 

Ø    Break Dues (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break) will be $30 per week. 


  1. Collegiate swimmers are not responsible for paying dues during club down time.
  2. Collegiate swimmers should identify their intentions to swim for a specific period of time, and will not be required to provide a 30 day notice of resignation. 


Please make arrangements with the Longmont Swim Club Head Coach and the team Treasurer if you plan to swim while away from College. The Longmont Swim Club looks forward to welcoming our returning alumni and will enjoy learning about the Collegiate swimming experience.