Practice Schedule



This group is for 11 to 18 years old swimmers


Squad Info

  • RAC’s Fitness Program is designed to provide the curriculum and atmosphere necessary for 11 & Over swimmers to discover their own path within swimming whether that means becoming a competitive swimmer on the program (joining the Senior Squad in the near future), or fitness based.  
  • The group is designed to have swimmers find a place in the sport as well as fill a valuable and recognized role within the Club. Swimmers may attend as many meets as they like and workout sessions based on their schedule.
  • Swimmers from this group come from the Age Group Squad, Junior Squad, Senior Squad, or from outside of RAC.
  • When the swim meets become available, swimmers can choose to commit to swim meets or not. They will receive an invitation to do so via Email & OnDeck from RAC Staff.
  • If the swimmers want to join any of the other Squads, the swimmer will need to meet with the primary group coach and achieve the desired squad requirements.

Notes on training: 

  • The Fitness swimmer is a positive and hard-working athlete for the RAC program. 
  • Fitness swimmers must have the desire to improve and strive for the highest level.  


  • Must be able to swim three out of the four competitive strokes at the following distances without stopping or needing assistance.​
    • 100 Freestyle (front crawl)
    • 100 Backstroke
    • 50 Breaststroke
    • 50 Butterfly
  • Be able to complete a 30-minute workout.
  • Be able to dive either from the side or the competitive starting blocks

Objectives & Expectations

  • Decreased sedentary lifestyle.
  • Attend at least one meet during the short course season.
  • Improve upon preexisting swimming skills and refine new ones.
  • To continue to refine competitive swimming skills while introducing advanced training sets, race preparation, and endurance training.
  • To support a lifestyle appropriate for achieving the greatest personal success.
  • No drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products.
  •  To do everything within their power to reach their own personal potential.
  • To maintain their swimming fitness level in the offseason for the high school season. 
  • To become a valuable member of their high school program.


Equipment needs:

  • Team Swimsuit for meets, regular swimsuit for practices
  • Goggles
  • Kickboard
  • Fins
  • Pullbuoy
  • Paddles

Primary Coach Contact Info:

Paul Marchese

c[email protected]