Meet Schedule

2017 Short Course Meet Schedule

Valley Shore YMCA Marlins

*All meets are subject to change*

*Yellow highlight: Meets swimmers must qualify for in order to participate*


Regular Season Meets

  • October 13th: Inner Squad Meet/Pot Luck Party @ Valley Shore Y

  • October 20th – 22nd: MAC USA Meet @ Wesleyan

  • October 28th – 29th: SYS USA Meet @ Walsh Intermediate School

  • November 12th: VSYM USA Meet @ Valley Shore Y

  • November 17th – 19th: SCSU USA Meet @ SCSU

  • December 2nd: YMCA TRI(LEHY/GWYB) Meet @ East Hartford H.S.

  • December 8th – 10th: SCSU USA Meet @ SCSU

  • December 16th – 17th: CCAT USA Meet @ Wesleyan

  • December 22th: Inner Squad Meet(Santa Hat Relay)

  • January 6th – 7th: 13/O YMCA Champs @ Wilton Y

  • January 20th - 21st: Water Rat Pentathlon @ Westport Y

  • January 21st: HMST 8 & Under Quadrathon

  • January 27th –28st: 9-12 YMCA Champs @ Cheshire Y

  • February 4th: VSYM USA Meet @ Valley Shore Y

  • February 9th – 11th: WHAT USA Meet @ Wesleyan

  • February 18th: HMST 8 & Under Finale

  • February 23rd: Inner Squad Meet

Championship Meets

  • March 2nd – 4th: Regional Championship @ TBA


Post Season Championship Meets

*Swimmers must qualify to participate*

  •  March 9th11th: Senior Championship

  • March 10th: NEY Champs Ages 9/10

  • March 11th: NEY Champs Ages 8/under
  • March 16th – 18th: Age Group Championship

  • March 17th: NEY Champs 13/14 boys/girls & 11/12 Girls
  • March 18th: NEY Champs 15/18 boys/girls & 11/12 Boys 



*Please ensure you have read and are familiar with the VSYM SWIM MEET PROTOCOL* before you attend any swim meet.

VSY Marlins
Swim Meet Protocol
  • Please arrive at the pool 15 minutes before the start of warm–up.  (Coaches need to hand in a “scratch sheet” prior to the start of the meet. If swimmers arrive late (without informing the coach in advance), their child will be "scratched” from the meet.

  • Come Prepared! DOUBLE UP ON EVERYTHING!  Be sure to pack the following in your swim bag and try to label items as many people's things look alike:

Team bathing suit
2 team caps
2 pairs of goggles
2 full water bottles
2 towels
One light, healthy snack
Dry clothes to wear home
Note:  keep your swim bag with you on the pool deck, NOT in the stands or in the locker rooms.
  • All swimmers must talk to their coach after every race!


  • NO visiting the spectator stands or snack bar without PERMISSION from Coach.

  • NO unhealthy eating from the snack bar -- hamburgers, hot dogs, chocolate muffins, etc. will NOT make you swim faster!!!!

  • Swimmers are not to leave the meet until they have spoken to the Coaches (we don't want to have to cut a relay team which impacts the entire team).

  • Parents and swimmers who are not participating in the swim meet are NOT ALLOWED on the pool deck during a meet. (Unless they are volunteering to work!) This is a good reason to VOLUNTEER!

  • Know what events you are swimming, what heat and lane you are in, and be ready to swim FAST!  (The coaches try to ensure each swimmer is ready but ultimately it is each swimmer's  responsibility to know where they should be and when they should be there.)

  • All VSY Marlins are expected to have exemplary behavior!

    • We display good sportsmanship

    • We are respectful

    • We leave our area cleaner than we found it!

Cheer and be excited for your teammates! Most importantly, have fun!