Mission & History
In Summer 2006, Ann Arbor-area swim clubs joined swimmers, leadership and resources to become Club Wolverine Swimming, Inc.  CW’s goal is to serve the needs of area swimmers from developmental instruction, to age-group, national and international competition.

Nationally recognized, CW offers unique opportunities for Ann Arbor-area swimmers of all ages and training levels. In the team’s first championships after reorganization, CW swept National Long Course Championships as well as Michigan State Championships.

Club Wolverine is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation registered in the State of Michigan. The club is affiliated with Michigan Swimming, Inc., and USA Swimming, the governing body for amateur swimming in the United States. Since the club’s establishment, generally more than 300 age group swimmers participate in the club over the course of the year. Also, approximately 40 swimmers, including some former age group athletes, were training in the club’s High Performance program leading up to the 2008 Olympic Trials.  The club continues to attract new swimmers who must be evaluated by a coach prior to registering for the team (see  Swim Groups ). 

Our Mission:

Club Wolverine’s mission is to develop swimmers of all levels in a nationally recognized program that represents the greater Ann Arbor community, as part of a team supported by outstanding coaches and parents."


Club Wolverine

For more than 30 years, Club Wolverine had been the summer training program for University of Michigan swimmers. The legendary Denny Hill started the program so area swimmers could train for national level competitions. In 1983, Jon Urbanchek began directing the program while also taking over as head coach of men’s swimming at Michigan. Having sent more than two dozen athletes to the Olympics in his 40 years of coaching, Urbanchek credits the CW program as key to developing a long list of national and international success. Athletes such as Mike Barrowman, Tom Dolan, Tom Malchow, Eric Namesnik, Chris Thompson and many others achieved Olympic success under Coach Urbanchek. 

n 2004, Coach Bob Bowman became head coach of the Michigan men’s program and coached the Club Wolverine High-Performance athletes through the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, before leaving to return to the North Baltimore Aquatic Club. He built on the success of coaches Hill and Urbanchek. As the long-time coach of multiple Olympic Gold medalist and world record holder Michael Phelps, Bowman continued the CW tradition of developing world-class swimmers, including 2008 Olympic medalists Peter Vanderkaay (1 Gold, 1 Silver), Eric Vendt (1 Gold), and Allison Schmitt (1 Bronze), in addition to Michael Phelps record setting 8 Gold Medals.

In late 2005, Coach Bowman tapped Wolverine Aquatics Head Coach  Eric Namesnik to expand the CW collegiate/national program into a full-spectrum age-group swim program. "Snik," a two-time Olympic silver medalist (1992, 1996) and a former Michigan assistant coach under Urbanchek, was an ideal choice to lead Ann Arbor age-group swimming programs under the unifying banner of Club Wolverine.

By the time a tragic car accident ended Snik’s life in early January 2006, his vision for the future of swimming in Ann Arbor was clear.

Ann Arbor age-group swim clubs, including Wolverine Aquatics and Ann Arbor Swim Club, remained committed to a full-spectrum program from development to national team. Even after Snik’s death, the clubs continued the work of bringing this vision to reality.

Learn more 
about the life of Eric Namesnik and donate to the Memorial Fund for his young children.

The CW Elite Team is currently coached by Mike Bottom (Michigan Men’s and Women's Head Coach), and Peter Linn (Eastern Michigan University Men’s and Women’s Head Coach).
Wolverine Aquatics

Founded in Ann Arbor, the age-group program known as Wolverine Aquatics was formed in 1997 on the premise of "teaching competitive swimming with a focus on the individual, at all levels."

Research, biomechanics and kinesiology formulated a technique-oriented focus that began with Wolverine Aquatics first head coach Jason Lancaster and was further developed by Bethany Williston. Head Coach and engineer Joe Plane elevated training and skill development during the program’s evolution.




Snik 3D

Finally, head coach, kinesiologist and educator  Eric Namesnik brought the premise of "teaching the individual at all ability levels" to its full potential. The club, with its philosophy of "Building quality people, in and out of the water, every day," enhanced the lives of hundreds of area age-group swimmers since 1997.

Ann Arbor Swim Club

During the short-course season just before the reorganization, the Ann Arbor Swim Club proudly celebrated its 50th anniversary as an age-group swim club. Founded in 1956 by the legendary RoseMary Mann Dawson, daughter of one-time Michigan swimming coach Matt Mann, II, AASC also traces its roots back to Michigan swimming.

The Ann Arbor Swim Club produced hundreds of state champions; several YMCA National Champions; hundreds of National Top 16 swims; and advanced many young swimmers to collegiate swim programs where they went on to experience national, international and Olympic competition.

50 Split Archives

To learn more, see the online anniversary journal,  "50 Split: The First 50 Years of Ann Arbor Swim Club."

In its 50 years the club saw many changes in the sport of swimming and saw its numbers swell from about 60 in the late 1950s to about 300 by 2006. AASC was ranked a two-time Silver medal club by USA Swimming for its performances during 2004-05 and 2005-06. 

Team Accomplishments - Since Fall 2006
  • 2006 Long Course National Champions
  • 2006 Long Course State Champions
  • 2007 Short Course National Champions
  • 2007 - American Record – Men’s 800 Free Relay - Yards  
  • 2007 12 and Under Short Course State Champions
  • 2007 13 and Over Short Course State Champions
  • 2007 Long Course National Champions
  • 2007 Long Course State Champions
  • 2007 USA Swimming Gold Medal Club
  • 2007 USA Swimming Zone Camp Qualification- 1 Attendee (Adam Seroka)
  • 2008 12 and Under Short Course State Champions
  • 2008 13 and Over Short Course State Champions
  •  2008 -  American Record – Men’s 500 Free – Yards
  • 2008 - National High School Record – Girls 200 Free - Yards
  • 2008  40+ Olympic Trial Qualifiers; 9 Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medal,
    1 Bronze Medal, 7 World Records
  • 2008 Long Course State Champions
  • 2008 USA Swimming Gold Medal Club
  • 2008 Level 4 (Highest Level) USA Swimming-Club Recognition Program -(1st year offered)
  • 2008 USA Swimming Zone Camp Qualifers- 5 attendees (Hanna Cowley, Anna Demonte, Willa Wang, Victor Zhang, Andy Jensen)
  • 2008 USA Swimming Open Water National Camp-5 attendees
  • 2009 12 and Under Short Course State Champions
  • 2009 13 and Over Short Course State Champions
  • 2009 USA Swimming Gold Medal Club
  • 2009 Level 4 (Highest Level) USA Swimming-Club Recognition Program
  • 2009 USA Swimming Sectional Champions-Miami of Ohio site
  • 2009 Long Course State Champions
  • 2009 Long Course Season-17th place in USA for Toyota Virtual Club Championship
  • 2009 USA Swimming Zone Camp Qualifier-3 attendees (Avery Evenson, David Boland, Adam Whitener)
  • 2009 USA Swimming National Select Camp-1 attendee (Anna Demonte)
  • 2009 USA Swimming National #1 800 Free and 400 Medley Relays-13-14 Boys
  • 2009-6 USA Swimming World Championship Team members
  • 2010 USA Swimming Gold Medal Club
  • 2010 USA Swimming Zone Camp Qualification-1 attendee (Josh Ehrman)
  • 2010 Michigan Short-Course State Meet Runner-Up: 12&Unders
  • 2010 Michigan Short-Course State Meet Champion: 13&Overs
  • 2010 Michigan Long-Course State Meet Runners-Up
  • 2010 Canada Cup Champions
  • 2011 Michigan Short-Course State Champions: 13&Overs
  • 2011 Canada Cup Champions
  • 2011 Michigan Long-Course State Champions: Open
  • 2011 Michigan Long-Course State Meet Second Runners-Up:14&Under
  • 2012 USA Swimming Zone Camp Qualification-1 attendee (Matt Orringer)
  • 2012 Michigan Short-Course State Champions: 13&Overs
  • 2012 Michigan Short-Course State Meet Runner-Up: 12&Unders
  • 2012 30+ Olympic Trials qualifiers; one Olympic Team Qualifier (Connor Jaeger 1500 free)
  • 2012 14 & Under LC State Meet Champions
  • 2012 Central Zone Sectional Meet: Runners-up
  • 2013 12 & Under State Meet: 2nd Runners-up
  • 2013 Open State Meet: 2nd Runners Up
  • 2013 USA Swimming Zone Camp Qualification-1 attendee (Katie Orringer)
  • 2013 NCSA Junior Nationals-7th place for boys (broke all 5 relay state records for 17-18 year olds)
  • 2013 USA Swimming Sectional Meet Champions-Long Course-Miami of Ohio site
  • 2013 14 & Under LC State Meet Champions (state record girls 13-14 400 medley relay)
  • 2014 USA Swimming Silver Medal Club
  • 2014 Michigan Short-Course State Champions: 12 & Unders
  • 2014 Michigan Short-Course State Champions: 13 & Overs
  • 2014 USA Swimming Zone Camp Qualification-2 attendees (Daniel Keith, Michael McGuillvary)
  • 2014 Long Course State Champions: 14 & Under
  • 2015 Michigan Short-Course State Champions: 12 and Unders
  • 2015 Michigan Short-Course State Champions: 13 & Overs
  • 2015 Long Course State Champions: 14 & Under
  • 2016 Michigan Short-Course State Champions: 12 & Unders
  • 2016 Michigan Short-Course State Champions: 13 & Overs