This section of our website is devoted to parent and swimmer education. More articles will be added periodically. These articles focus on many different areas of swimming, from what to expect when you first start swimming competitively, nutrition information, and how to handle difficult times in a swimmer's career. The articles are listed below.

Goal Setting

Are All Efforts Good Efforts?

The Awesome 8 Year Old

Do We Really Want Our Kids To Drink Energy Drinks?

Pre Meet/Practice Healthy Eating Tips

The Taper Chase

Ageing Up

Training Versus Learning

Ten Commandments for Parents of Athletic Children

Good Starts

Paralympic Gold Medalist Interview

Secrets to a Good Kick

The Power of Positivity

Three Things You Need to Know About Dietary Supplements

Fat:To Eat or Not to Eat

Take Your Mark..... GO!!

So You Want to Swim in College

Team Partners