Age Group Program


The philosophy of our Age Group program centers on laying the foundation for future success and enjoyment of competitive swimming. Proper stroke technique in all four strokes as well as starts, turns, and race strategy make up the primary focus for these squads. Other skills such as practice discipline, learning to accept constructive criticism, working within a team and developing a thirst for meeting new challenges enable our age group swimmers to thrive in swimming in the short-term as well as the long run.



The White Squad is the foundation of the Wichita Swim Club’s Age Group program.  Many of WSC’s top swimmers got their start in this squad.  In White Squad, swimmers learn the basics of competitive swimming: basic drills, stroke technique, turns and racing starts. Because of the small class size and individual attention that the White Squad offers, swimmers in this squad are able to establish good technique as they begin their swimming careers.  In addition to proper and legal swimming mechanics, each swimmer gains fitness and concepts of racing techniques including starts and turns. Meet participation is encouraged, but not required for swimmers in this squad. White Squad swimmers practice twice per week for 60 minutes.




The Red Squad swimmers are more advanced in their skills.  They also have or are ready to practice with more emphasis on fitness and improving performance.  Technique stills plays a major role in each practice.  These swimmers will compete in a variety of meets, which will optimize their enjoyment of the sport and ability to improve swimming times from meet to meet. Swimmers in this squad are strongly encouraged to participate in several meets throughout the season. Swim meets are a very important part of the swimmers development by this point in their career. To move up into Black Squad swimmers must demonstrate an ability to meet the minimum practice requirements of Black Squad, have good work ethic, and be coachable. 



The Black Squad is the top tier of our Age Group program.  Coaches in this squad try to provide for excellent performances by Wichita Swim Club members in swimming competitions on their way to overall development in the sport.  Practices are designed to reward consistency, willingness to learn and ability to accept new challenges.  Swimmers will be invited into this squad only after they have met the training requirements.  Black Squad practice is offered six days per week with a goal of practicing a minimum of four days per week.  Each practice is two hours long. The practices include an introduction to dry-land training and running. 


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