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YMCA Strong Community Campaign Fundraiser Meet

The above link is a Swim Meet Invitation Flyer for the YMCA Strong Community Campaign Fundraiser to post for Outreach & Diversity on the Ozark Swimming Website.

Love Swim Team is grateful for the opportunity to help the YMCA with their Annual Strong Community Fundraiser by hosting this "Fun" Swim Meet, and we hope that Ozark Swimmers, especially novice swimmers, tri-athletes, adult, USMS master swimmers and USA Swimming swimmers needing service hours will attend and participate in this worthwhile cause. 

Below is the link to our Personal Best Time (PBT) Swim Meet Page.  There are 1 to 2 PBT Swim Meets each month.  Anyone interested can just click on the link and all of the PBT Swim Meet Invitations and Results are listed on this page.  http://loveswimming.org/2010_-2011_Swim_Meets.html


Monthly Free Technique Swim Clinic Sign Up Form (pdf)

Monthly Dive Technique Swim Clincs Sign Up form (pdf)

Personal Best Time Swim Meet Info (pdf)

Personal Best Time Swim Meet Schedule (pdf)


Each month Love Swimming conducts a Free Community Outreach Swim Clinic at Webster University, 175 Edgar Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63119. Swimmers are not required to know how to swim.  Clinics run from 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm.  You may check it out on www.loveswimming.org.  Details are below. 

Anyone interested in attending our "Free" Community Swim Clinics will need to sign-up at least 1 week before the Clinic.  Beth will you put this somewhere on the page where you list the Free Swim Clinics.
There is a Symposium and Social after the Clinics which are held one Sunday afternoon each month to educate parents especially to the Sport of Swimming and water safety - we use the program by USA Swimming called PEAK (Parent Education and Awareness). 
Link to the Free Community Swim Clinic

During the Clinic registration, swimmers receive a certificate of participation and a swimming gift packet.

After that swimmers go to the Clinic Schedule and introduce Clinic Staff.  We begin our water session with a dry-land (on-deck) warm-up.  Once in the water, we warm up and the go right into our Clinic Workout with demonstrations, instructions, and analysis of skills performed by our participants.  Upon completion of the skills set, we cool-down our participants.

Swimmers need to complete the sign-up form and mail, fax or bring it with them to participate in the "Free" Community Outreach Swim Clinic.
The Outreach Swim Clinic focuses mainly on breathing, balancing and being comfortable in the water.  We refer all participants to Swim Lessons, Swim Team or additional Swim Clinics for Technique and Stroke work.
We also conduct a Dive Technique Swim Clinic that follows the "Free" Outreach Clinic at 2:30pm and it costs $20 for anyone who would like to attend.  There is a Dive Technique Swim Clinic Form which lists the 2010-2011 Schedule.
Also, once or twice a month at the Jefferson County Family YMCA,Love conducts a Personal Best Time Swim Meet on a Friday at 6:30pm with in-water starts.  These meets have typically lasted less than one hour.  These are low-pressure, fun meets for swimmers of all ages and abilities.  Swimmers who cannot make it one lap of the pool have an in-water coach to help them complete their race.  There are no DQ's and the times do not count, but the awards are really nice and the swimmers have a great time racing.   We do encourage the swimmers to do proper stroke mechanics.    Last year we had 3 Swim Teams and 48 swimmers participate in 13 Personal Best Time Swim Meets.  Swimmers last year earned 226 Personal Best Times and 26 Medals in addition to their Award Ribbons and Personal Best Time Ribbon Awards. 
Not only do they give Award Place Ribbons, Personal Best Time Ribbons, Heat Awards and snacks, they also have a point system to earn a Medal (Bronze, Silver, Gold), a trophy and a USA Swimming Beach Towel.  The swimmers have a blast and so do the parents who volunteer as timers, announcer, and bull pen parents.  The reason for these Personal Best Time Swim Meets is to introduce swimmers especially Novice, African-America, Asian and Latino swimmers to Competitive Swimming so that they will want to compete in USA Swim Meets.  It is even a good time-trials meet for competitive swimmers. Click here for a copy of the meet information for our next Personal Best Time Swim Meet on October 8, 2010 and click here the 2010-2011 Personal Best Time Swim Meet Schedule   These meets cost $5.00 per swimmer.  If you are interested in any of these meets, please contact Alice or Rudolph Oates at Love Swimming (www.loveswimming.org).