Free Week Info

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A.. Come by any of our area pools and try out the swim team for a free week of swimming before you join. You are welcome to visit any of our pools Monday through Thursday from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM (with a swim suit, goggles and towel). Ages 5 & Up, please see the list of pools and contact phone numbers below.

B. Choose one of our local pools and bring your swimmer to try out our swim team for a free week of swimming. When you bring your child they should arrive in a bathing suit with goggles and a towel to meet their new swim team. The best time to bring your children by the pool is at 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM any Monday through Thursday. We offer practices up to 6 days per week at our many area locations (depending on assigned swimming level).

C. After your evaluation week or when you decide to join our team (whichever comes first), Register by clicking here.

D. When your child comes to the pool they will be evaluated by their swim coach, and they will be assigned to a training group. If you signed up for the yearly program your practice group will determine your monthly fee. Please call us at 239-887-0055 with any questions.

Join the team at any time, pay the annual registration and first month’s coaching fee of $150.00 and start swimming today (monthly rates after the first month vary from $47.00 monthly and Up depending on practice group).  This includes professional USA Certified swimming & stroke instruction.  

We have the largest summer league in the area and your child will have the chance to swim with many swimmers from our many area pools at our fun Summer League meets.

For the location nearest you or for more information about Swim Florida:  Email us @ swimflorida@aol.com or call us at 239-900-6320

Swim Florida Pool locations:

DeLeon Pool / Fort Myers Aquatic Center Pool

1750 Matthew Drive

For Information call 239-671-7946

Cypress Lake High School Pool:                                

Coach Jeanne Epps

For Information call 239-887-0055 

Lehigh Acres Community Pool:

Contact Coach Pam Barry at  239-357-0729

North Ft Myers High School Pool:

Contact Coach Julie Van DerPlaats at  239-850-7125 or

Coach Laya at 239-940-3390

FGCU Lee County Aquatics Center Pool:

Coach Sharon Snew at 239-940-0981

Golden Gate Community Pool:

Contact Coach Daryl Sullivan at 239-455-6122 or e-mail Daryl at swimdmcp@aol.com

Contact Coach Zig Allen at 239-438-6031

Marco Island YMCA Pool:

Contact Coach Kamal Farhat at 239-601-0215

Cape Coral High School Pool:

Contact the Cape Pool by EMAIL at CoachEd@swimcapecoral.com