SA Masters Swimming

Masters Swimming


Coached Practices Days/Times:

Mornings Only:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  5:30- 7 AM


$15 registration fee


The goal of the Seminole Aquatics Masters group is to provide training time and coached workouts for swimmers of various abilities who are training for fitness and/or competition.


What are the qualifications to participate?

The Seminole Aquatics Masters Group is open to swimmers at least 19 years old. Swimmers should strong enough and skilled enough to be able to complete 1,500 to 2,500 yard swim practices without issue.

WHILE STROKE INSTRUCTION IS AVAILABLE AT EVERY PRACTICE, SA MASTERS SWIMMING IS NOT A LEARN-TO-SWIM PROGRAM.  Swimmers lacking proper stroke technique and/or endurance should consider private training sessions to improve their skill level before beginning to train with a Masters team.

Can SA masters swimmers compete in US Masters Swimming sanctioned meets?

YES! The Seminole Aquatics masters group is not a US Masters Swimming sanctioned team, however swimmers registered with US Masters Swimming ( can participate in US Masters Swimming sanctioned events as “unattached.” 

Is the pool heated?

YES! The 50 meter X 25 yard Olympic-size Dale Aquatic Center pool is heated to a comfortable 80+ degrees during the fall and winter months.

How are my monthly fees collected?

First, you must register online as a masters swimmer. During the registration process, you will establish your own personal account.  The credit card used for registration will be saved for your monthly fees Auto Draft on the first of each month.

How will I find out if a practice is cancelled?

We will make every attempt to ensure each practice takes place as scheduled. In the rare occasion that a practice is cancelled, we will attempt to reach swimmers via e-mail, so it is essential that your SA account information remain current.

All SA swim groups take two annual breaks in August and December. 


CITY POOL "NO-COACHING" POLICY:  The City of Sanford, like most other municipal pools, has a strict "no-coaching' policy, meaning only City of Sanford employees or Seminole Aquatics swim coaches are permitted to "coach" people at the facility.  Outside, private coaches, such as private "triathlon coaches" are strictly prohibited from using the facility to train athletes without a prior rental agreement.  The same is true of family friends, fellow athletes, etc.  If it looks like coaching, it is not allowed, primarily due to the confusion as to who are legitimate coaches and who are not.  In other words, a swim team parent, gesturing with his arms and calling out instructions from the side of the pool might LOOK like he works for the City or SA.  So, regardless of previous coaching credentials, or relative "expertise", only SA or City employees may coach swimming at our facility.  Questions?  Please email Aquatics Director Tony Ackerson at


Does Seminole Aquatics offer training opportunities for children and teens?

Of course! Seminole Aquatics offers private swim lessons and group swim team opportunities to children age five and up. Visit our Membership Information to learn more.