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March 2008

Dynamo Swim Club
March, 2008
Volume 2, Number 24
The Dynamo IMX Challenge
When people ask what Dynamo is about, I always answer ‘5 stroke swimming’. I know there are only 4 actual strokes, but I think of underwater swimming as the 5th stroke. It is important to be fast underwater in all strokes, and it is good to think of it as its’ own entity. 
5-stroke swimming is a real commitment, from coaches, athletes and parents. The reason we value this above all is simple; it works. The most successful athletes we know were brought along in a program that valued swimming all strokes and events. Many National level swimmers considered themselves one thing in high school, maybe a flyer, but ended up being something totally different in college, maybe a backstroker or freestyler.   That doesn’t happen unless the club Teams are doing their jobs. Events chose people, not the other way around. It is our job to give a number of events the chance to choose you for greatness!
The numbers are irrefutable. As you breakdown the Olympic Teams, those athletes have had success in a number of events for a number of years.
USA Swimming has a program, IMX extreme, that will help us become that Team, and provide real value to our members. 
In conjunction with Hy-tek (Athletics Enterprise Software Co) USA swimming has set up the IMX program. Devised was a power points system (we used this for our January Meet selection) that awards points for each swim according to time, within single year age groups. You need to swim all 5 required events in a single season for 9 through 12 year-olds. 13 through 18 year-olds must swim 6 events each season.  All the particulars can be found on the USA Swimming website. USA Swimming will publish top 100 IMS scoring lists to compare. Lists for Zones and LSC’s are formed as well.
Dynamo needs to be the leader in the country at placing people in the IMX program. If a swimmer misses one required event, you don’t get an IMX rating. That is where we are at right now. We should score pretty well nationally, but many of our athletes aren’t rated due to missing one event from their age-groups list.
One of the values we hope to get out of the program is to make event choices less emotional for our athletes and parents. The importance of swimming a wide range of events is clear, this is a tool to help us feel better about choosing a wider event list and give those choices value. No more swimming the same events at all the meets. I see it far too much on our Team.
I encourage you to look at the program in the USA Swimming website. This is a program that Dynamo values.  
Dynamo’s goal is to have the most swimmers in the top 100 nationally of any club for the year 2009. That will relate to success at all levels, and for a long time in swimming. This will soon be displayed prominently on our website!
The Warm Swimmer Wins
Several of our dynamo coaches have had the experience of coaching year-round at outdoor pools. In these environments being properly dressed in warm clothing is the only option; at these meets – often times - the warmth of the swimmers determines the results of the close races.
As we know, warmth escapes from the head, hands, and feet. By staying warm, energy is conserved for use during competition instead of used up trying heat the body. Warm muscles are also better at converting energy into motion.         
Small, thin, wet bodies easily get cold. The following things help keep swimmers warm and dry:
·         Towels (two are a minimum; one for after each event at a maximum – not practical for travel trips).
·         Sweatshirt and Sweatpants – good for keeping warm between events.
·         Socks
·         Parka and Gloves (YES, even at indoor meets)
·         Team Warm-Up Suit
·         Sneakers or Sandals (preferably an old pair of sneakers since they will get wet): Every time we walk our body absorbs the shock of each step. Without shoes we have to absorb more of that impact. Athletes should stay off their feet as much as possible at a meet.   It’s the golden rule.
·         Extra T-Shirts
·         Dry Swimsuit: If the sessions are lengthy and the athlete has a long time between events (over an hour) they should consider packing a dry suit to change into between events.
Picture of Erik Vendt (indoors) at Missouri Grand Prix                                                                  [swam fastest time ever in the mile on U.S. soil]
Picture of Michael Phelps indoors at the same meet…
For best performance and comfort swimmers need to stay warm.
Winter Attendance Winners
Auerbach, Cade
Blake, Alex
Bowen, Mackenzie
Bray, Isabelle
Caples, Sammie
Cross, Michael
ElGomayel, Allie
Frierson, Bayley
Gurin, Stella
Horvath, Hansen
Jan, Richard
Kase, George
Klustner, Jordan
Laegen, Lizzie
Long, Sean
Long, Dean
Mavris, Phia
McMahon, Karsen
Panther, Eric
Smy, Izzy
Smy, Ryan
Thorpe, Chelsea
Vater, Jonathan
Wan, Martin
Wang, James
Yang, Jason
Yang, Tigerwin
Zhang, Andrew
Angle, Caroline
Bias, Lindsey
Bychovoy, Kirill
Habib, Ashly
Habib, Drew
Hallenberg, Christy
Linderman, Carly
Mitry, Katherine
Parkey, Brittany
Psarev, Kirill
Swanson, Meggie
Wan, Richard
Yang, Alice
Brokelbank, Elliott
Burke, Hannah
Funnell, John
Kase, Dylan
Koski, Mattias
Prince, Ryan
Rohal, Jaclyn
Swanson, Sam
White, Megan
McCarthy, Kara
Vater, David
Bray, Sam
Caples, Ridge
Claffey, Charlie
Claffey, James
Craver, Addie
Chu, Justin
Clough, Gracie
Durrence, Olivia
Easwaran, Akshay
Frierson, Kenna
Gordon, Rayna
Hubler, Maddie
Lewis, Averi
Liu, Sarah
Marshall, Clay
Messawer, Isabelle
Nickens. Lexi
Norman, Caroline
Schantz, Sarah
Taylor, Michael
Tzeng, Jessica
Venizoles, Conrad
Wellman, Jay
Williamson, Kota
Allen, Hanna
Ash, Reed
Blackstone, Rachael
Gao, Allan
Hollowell, Emma
Hutchinson, Aaron
Kostov, Valya
Lung, Nadia
Oakes, Kelsey
Petrina, Erik
Robertson, Stephen
Stacy, Katie
Thomas, Kaylyn
Thompson, Laura Ann
Wan, Mark
Zink, Amanda
Durrence, Aaron
ElGomayel, Sydney
Faucher, Elizabeth
Kenny, Matthew
O’Connor, Cailin
Stiles, Julia
Tieu, Kelly
Blair, Connor
Cassidy, Nick
Dong, Lisa
Ho, Tiffany
Hogan, Lindsay
Howell, Marshall
Kase, Samantha
Lyons, Morgan
Prince, Kelsey
Ranzau, Emily
Anderson, Katie
Angell, Sydney
Auerbach, Knoz
Bennison, Haley
Bordes, Danielle
Bordes, Natalie
Christian, Carlise
Cooney, Danny
Cooney, Kevin
Crupie, Christina
Damon, Hannah
Durham, John
Durham, Rebecca
Fahey, Lexy
Fahey, Tory
Fish, Emma
Fisher, Klaire
Funnell, Emelia
Ho, Alex
Hogan, Kelly
Hubler, Maddie
Kelson, Lexi
King, Mandy
Koski, Joonas
Laegen, Sam
Liebenow, Hayley
Lusby, Trent
Maheras, Niko
Mallon, Ashley
Moss, Shelby
Mulia, Audy
O’Connor, Meagan
Rizzo, Ellie
Rubanowice, Ashlyn
Russell, Caroline
Schreiber, Lauren
Schrock, Courtney
Strausberger, Andy
Stuebler, Vivian
Swanson, Trey
Wan, Eric
Weidner, Elise
Whitridge, Tess
Williams, Tori
Williamson, Colt
Wu, Derek
Zhang, Clare
Andrews, Winston
Arail, Izzi
Belkin, Llya
Bent, Nadia
Brechbuhl, Hans
Brechbuhl, Jacob
Cetron, Rachel
Dillard, Matt
Fadjariza, Brian
Gantt, Courtney
Johnson, Megan
Lang, Benjamin
McGrady, Kaleigh
Morris, Mary Kate
Rathbun, Grace
Sherman, Grace
Sinclair, Rachel
Swett, Matthew
Thames, Christopher
Valdez, Catalina
Yoon, Caroline
Young, Crystal
Bettin, Foster
Cardot, Charles
Cohe, Rebecca
Collins, Erin
Cruz, Jordy
Dave, Pooja
Dillard, Jack
Gershon, Danielle
Glover, Zoe
Johnson, Ivan
Kleider, Emerson
Lu, Joanna
Ng, Tiffany
Oh, Nicholas
Pfleger, Erin
Pfleger, Will
Rogers, Stephanie
Solomon, Rachel
Stearns, Cailee
Williams, Margaret
Yoon, Chris
Andrews, Rose
Angle, Sam
Bills, Alina
Buxton, Margaret
Cheung, Wesley
Durmer, Jeffrey
Eriksen, Christopher
Hu, Rachel
Johnson, Louis
Lin, Alex
Locker, Anne
Lonial, Hallie
McGuire, James
Mosley, Hannah
Reynolds, Rob
White, Lizzy
Wilson, Camila
Acosta, Cesar
Alvarado, Rachel
Bruce, Travis
Caldaella, Lindsay
Greenstien, Ryan
Stroud-Williams, Bree
Sturken, Craig
Cetron, Bryce
Dillard, Joe
Durmer, Julia
Koch, Rachel
Lockwood, Peyton
Longo, Haley
Taylor, Tristan
Williams, Matthew
Astles, Rachel
Cassan, Cameron
Cetron, Josh
Durmer, haley
Eriksen, Michael
Fallon, Miranda
Kelly, Annie
Kelly, Ryan
Kowalski, Rishi
Mosley, Erin
Osment, Erin
Peaden, John
Sater, Stan
Seifried, Erica
Zhang, CiCi
Alvis, Mark
Cambria, Zach
Jordan, Nicole
McWhinnie, Elizabeth
Reuning, Tom
Senter, Wally
Fusco, Emily
Hamilton, Annie
Kelly, Lizzie
McMahon, Sara
Sater, Sami
Balenger, Cory
Griest, Anna
Munger, Graham
O’Neill, Shelia
Stephens, Jake
President’s Pen
I hope you have gotten the word…..the Swim-a-thon is coming soon! Swim-a-thon is the only pledge per length swimming fundraiser that is recognized by USA Swimming and its insurance provider. The program is designed to permit local swim clubs to raise funds under the auspices and with the support of the larger organization.
Dynamo is a non-profit organization, but that does not mean that we are a charity…we in fact do have a budget and a business plan. Fund-raising is part of our overall plan, and this year our $70,000 Swim-a-thon goal will insure ongoing, effective, and professionally delivered aquatic programs.
The event will be held during regular practice times April 22nd - 23rd.   Parents with younger swimmers may think that 200 laps (5000 yards) in 2 hours is unattainable, but think again! It is a remarkable feat that serves to recognize and challenge our children. I challenge Dynamo family members to work at least that hard. Recognize their effort by meeting the $150 per swimmer pledge goal. Every stroke counts, every dollar counts.
Our friendly rivals: Mecklenberg Aquatic Club in Charlotte raised over $117,000 in 2005 and $103,000 in 2007. A Washington team with only 18 members was able to raise $22,000 – that is about $1200 per swimmer! Swim-a-thon is a unique fundraiser that involves every swimmer. The coaches will help the swimmers achieve the swimming goal, but it is up to us to achieve the fund-raising goal. We have 6 weeks to save up our contribution for their efforts. 
Kathy Stephens
Scholastic All American Team
Here’s what you need to know to qualify for the 2007-2008 Scholastic All-American Team:
1.    Must have completed 10th, 11th, or 12th Grade.
2.    Must be a USA Swimming member athlete. (all current Dynamo swimmers are registered USA Swimming member athletes).
3.    Must have a minimum 3.5 grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale.
4.    Must meet the following time standards [****Note, this is new for the 2007-2008 Scholastic All-America Team; in previous years you met the swimming criteria by participating in certain meets]:
Scholastic All American Time Standards
50 Fr
100 Fr
200 Fr
400 Fr
800 Fr
1500 Fr
100 Bk
200 Bk
100 Br
200 Br
100 Fl
200 Fl
200 IM
400 IM
50 Fr
100 Fr
200 Fr
400 Fr
800 Fr
1500 Fr
100 Bk
200 Bk
100 Br
200 Br
100 Fl
200 Fl
200 IM
400 IM
Times are the 2000 Junior National time standards, currently the bonus standards for the 2008 Junior Nationals. These times may be achieved at any approved, observed,or sanctioned meet by USA Swimming for the Scholastic All America program purposes.
Note: Last year’s application deadline was August 1. Forms should be accessible at usaswimming.org in the coming months.
Should My Swimmer Stay with Dynamo During Summer League
This is a commonly asked question every year, and a good one. It is wise to stay with Dynamo during the summer league season. Considering that your child has been placed through progression training thus far, why stop in the summer. We do not want to discourage summer league, but rather encourage this participation. By now, most swimmers are in a routine with their training at Dynamo, as well as a solid relationship with their coach. Although summer league may not be as structured as a year round program, it is enjoyed by all in a relaxing and fun environment.
Dynamo coaches want their swimmers to be able to enjoy outside activities, but we also want to continue to train our swimmers in the most efficient way possible. All this being said our billing system is set up so that those who have been with us since the start of the short course season swim for free in the summers! In short, we’d love to have our swimmers have the enjoyment of summer league, and we’d love to have them see us too this summer for detail reminders…
Why volunteer and become certified as a Georgia Swimming Official? ... From Dynamo Parent
 Florence Bordes
 "I have really enjoyed my experience as a swimming official.  One of the main reasons I chose to become an official was to educate myself in the sport. Let me share my story with you. 
“My daughter was swimming on a summer swim team one year and we went to Georgia Tech for the ASA Championship Meet.  This was a big deal for us.  We were new to swimming and my daughter was pretty fast.  We were excited to see all the professional looking officials.  We thought this was the real thing.  We had never seen officials at a swim meet before.  Our summer team meets had only starters.  My daughter did very well (so we thought).  She came in second in all her heats.  It wasn’t until we saw the heat sheets posted that we discovered that she had been DQ`d in several of her events.  I went running around trying to find out things like….what did "non-simultaneous arms on the butterfly" mean, and what was "alternating kick on the breaststroke."  These were things the coach didn’t teach our neighborhood swim team.  Having had to explain to my crying daughter that I didn’t understand the call was the hardest thing I had to do.  I promised myself that I was going to learn more about swimming.
I have done that by becoming an official.  Each time I am on deck, I see and learn new things.  I look forward to the meets and talking with the more experienced officials.  It is indeed the best seat in the house."
Dynamo has some of the best volunteers in USA Swimming, but more like Florence are needed.  There is still great need for people who are willing to become certified as Georgia Swimming Officials.  For parents of younger swimmers, Clerk of Course, is in need of help at our 10& under and 12 & under swim meet sessions.  You can help by becoming certified as an Administrative Judge with Georgia Swimming.  Administrative Judges deal with swimmers` entries, timing equipment and scoring at swim meets. 
In competitive swimming, the quality of officiating directly affects the quality of performance. Consistency and professionalism in officiating and hosting swim meets cannot be assured without adequate staffing.  Stroke and Turn Judges evaluate swims.  Stroke and Turn officials have the best view of the pool at swim meets and don`t have to find a place to sit in the crowded stands. Both Stroke and Turn Judges as well as Administrative Judges, as certified volunteers, are well-taken care of with free heat sheets, free admission, free food/drinks, free parking, and tax-deductibility of volunteer expenses including travel and hotel expenses to meets such as the Georgia 14&Under Short Course Championships in Savannah.
Dynamo is hosting certification clinics for Administrative Judge and Stroke and Turn Judge on Saturday, March 29 and Sunday, March 30.  Don`t miss this last training opportunity before the summer swim season.  For more information, contact Julie Allen (allen.julie@sbcglobal.net).