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May 2008

Dynamo Swim Club
May 2008
Volume 2, Number 26
Coming to Dynamo!
There are two exciting things coming to Dynamo very soon. We are excited about both of these opportunities.
·         As of June 1, Dynamo will go to online registration for all team programs (including Masters). We have an agreement with Active.com, which is a well known online community that is a leader in registrations, be it Teams or Events. Active.com is particularly well known in the Triathlon and Running event arena. Through an agreement with Hy-tek Software (proprietary team management software), and subsequently Dynamo, we will do all our registrations online, and information will flow easily to our office.
Soon there will be a link on our website to register for Dynamo. From that link you will find menu options to take you to the proper facility (Chamblee or Alpharetta), practice groups (including practice schedule, coach assignments and meet schedule) and ultimately data needed to register. The process ends when you pay the registration fee ($185.00), and receive a confirmation email from Dynamo and Active.com.
Through this process you will generate a username and password. Please keep it, as in subsequent years, you will be able to register by only updating your information rather than entering it in it’s’ entirety each year. The medical waiver will be part of this, and we are working with our insurance company to see if a digital signature is acceptable, or we will need a physical signature. 
Only our registration fee will be part of this process. Monthly billing will still be done by our office, though we will go to email billing as of fall 2008. More information will be available as we get closer to ‘going live’.
·         Speaking of ‘going live’, we have entered another agreement, this time with one of our own. Dynamo has rented the concession area at the Chamblee facility to ‘Joy Delivered’, a personal chef/catering business owned by Coach (AG1-Chamblee) Jon Beber’s wife Joy. As of the fall, we will have concessions at our meet second to none, as Joy will run them for us (she still need some volunteers at the meets!). Additionally, families can order and pick up meals through her business on a regular basis. 
As Dynamo seeks to further our Brand through entrepreneurial relationships, we are particularly proud of this one, as it is with one or our own, and some really nice people.
With some work on the area, Joy should be up and going sometime this summer. Dynamo will continue to operate the concessions as we have for the remainder of the summer meets. Expect a grand opening event later in the summer!
As we near the end of another school year, it seems as though everyone has the extra weight of stress on their shoulders. Between final exams, practice, hanging out with friends, getting a summer job, and family vacations, how do we manage to balance it all? We have developed a few pointers to guide you along!
Organize your time between practice, friends, family, and studying well in advance. You should do this about 1 to 2 weeks before you start studying for finals. First, make a calendar of commitments and obligations you must attend to, like practice, school, appointments, etc., and plan your studying around this. Then, figure out the one or two subjects that you think you will need to study for the most. Decide adequate study times for these subjects on your calendar, and then add the remaining subjects. Make sure you include enough extra down time for relaxing, mental breaks, and hanging out with friends. Also, meet with your professor or teacher well in advance. Ask him or her what information you need to focus more time on, and what information will be pertinent to the exam. Bring old exams, homework, and assignments as examples, and remember to also have those on hand during your study time.
Find a few activities that relax you and get your mind off studying. Exams are very stressful, so you will need something relaxing and enjoyable with which to reward yourself during a study break. During this time, get some fresh air, exercise, or see family and friends. Bring a watch so you don’t lose track of time during these activities. These study breaks should be factored into your study calendar ahead of time.
Make sure you still regularly attend practice! We know you have a lot on your plate, but the proven benefits of exercise have a positive impact on your studies. According to WebMD, exercise increases blood flow to the brain, which brings in oxygen and important nutrients. This causes faster brain waves, which are responsible for quick thinking! Other benefits of exercise are:
§ Reduces anxiety
§ Reduces stress
§ Improves mood
§ Promotes better sleep patterns
Continuing to come to practice regularly will also give you a way to see your friends and take a much needed study break.
Make sure you continue a balanced and healthy diet. Do not skip a meal, and continue drinking plenty of water and other hydrating fluids. Try avoiding caffeine or sugars while you study and take your exams. These ingredients will give you quick energy at first, but then will cause your blood sugar to crash.
Make sure you continue your great sleep habits. Staying up late at night studying will make you very tired the next day, and will tempt you to drink caffeine. The downfall of substituting caffeine for a good night’s sleep is mentioned above.
It can be very easy to put studying off until last minute…do not make excuses to not study. If you plan ahead and use your time wisely, then you will have plenty of time to study, relax, come to practice, and learn any new material you may have missed. If you truly feel overwhelmed and weighed down, then do not hesitate to talk to your coaches, teacher, parents, or friends for help and support.
If you follow these simple guidelines and helpful hints, then studying should be a breeze! GOOD LUCK!
Andrews, Winston
Bent, Nadia
Courtney, Tyler
Dillard, Matt
Fadjariza, Brian
Gantt, Courtney
Gonzalez, Nicholas
Johnson, Megan
Lang, Benjamin
Lonial, Ben
Malever, Rebecca
McGrady, Kaleigh
Morris, Mary Kate
Oh, Noah
Pascaner, Aaron
Pfahnl, Arnold
Rathbun, Grace
Sun, Lee-Kai
Sun, Lee-Shan
Valdez, Catalina
Yoon, Caroline
Young, Crystal
Arail, Izzi
Bettin, Foster
Binkley, Maura
Cardot, Charles
Cruz, Jordy
Dillard, Jack
Gershon, Danielle
Glinsky, Manachem
Kleider, Emerson
Ng, Tiffany
Oh, Nicolas
Pfleger, Erin
Rogers, Stephanie
Solomon, Rachel
Stearns, Cailee
Sweet, Matthew
Thanes, Christopher
Williams, Margaret
Wurst, Jessica
Yoon, Chris
Andrews, Rose
Angle, Sam
Bills, Alina
Buxton, Margaret
Cheung, Wesley
Durmer, Jeffrey
Hu, Rachel
Lonial, Hallie
Reynolds, Rob
Schank, Allie
Syre, William
Acosta, Cesar
Bruce, Travis
Caldarella, Lindsay
Greenstein, Ryan
Haratin, Helen
Krupp, Alex
Sturken, Craig
Wildner, Mary
Andrews, Finny
Bentz, Gunnar
Cetron, Bryce
Coats, Sarah
Cooper, Caitlin
Davis, Alana
Dillard, Joe
Drummond, Austin
Durmer, Julia
Ehrlich, Daniel
Hu, Rebecca
Koch, Rachel
Lechner, Suzanne
Longo, Haley
Munger, Austin
Naegle, Olivia
Niederhauser, Mary Kate
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Astles, Rachel
Durmer, Haley
Eriksen, Michael
Fallon, Miranda
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Kowalski, Rishi
Osment, Erin
Peaden, John
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Seifried, Erica
Staley, Chris
Zhang, CiCi
Alvis, Mark
Balenger, Addie
Bentz, Kenzie
Cambria, Zach
Chang, Ben
McWhinnie, Elizabeth
Reuning, Tom
Senter, Wally
Slimming, Harry
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McMahon, Sara
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Couture, Wilson
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Munger, Graham
O’Neill, Sheila
Stephens, Jake
Auerbach, Cade
Bailey, Elizabeth
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Bowen, Mackenzie
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ElGomayel, Allie
Frierson, Bayley
Gurin, Stella
Horvath, Hansen
Jan, Richard
Klustner, Jordan
Kortana, Animesh
Laegen, Lizzie
McMahon, Karsen
Nedza, Jacob
Paczewitz, Corrine
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Smy, Ryan
Spralding, Greer
Veal, Mary Kate
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Whitlock, Robbie
Zink, Amanda
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Cassidy, Nick
Dedich, Katie
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Nickens, Margaret
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Weissman, Meredith
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Habib, Ashley
Habib, Drew
Hallenberg, Christy
Kocks, Madison
Laegen, Cassie
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Sykes, Niklaus
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Brockelbank, Elliott
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Rohal, Jaclyn
Swanson, Sam
Thompson, Kelsey
Anderson, Tyler
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Browning, Allen
Browning, Laura
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Gorin, Dmitiry
Lockard, Melanie
McCarthy, Kara
Templeton, Dylan
Vater, David
Why Attend a Team Travel Meet?
Travel trips have many social and competitive benefits conducive for long-term development. Each summer, Dynamo provides the great opportunity for many of our young swimmers to go on a team trip to an out-of-town (sometimes out-of-state) swim meet. In the past, we have taken groups to places such as Irvine, CA; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Washington, DC; and Indianapolis, IN. This summer we have chosen to attend meets in Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Spartanburg, SC; and Raleigh, NC, depending on your son/daughter’s group placement and current ability level.
While on a travel trip, swimmers travel together on a charter bus, room with their teammates in a hotel near the pool, eat meals together, and are under the supervision of their coaches and designated chaperones. For many swimmers, it’s their first weekend away from mom and dad, and their first opportunity to take responsibility for prepping themselves to swim fast. Mom and Dad aren’t around to help out with the little things, such as packing their bag, ensuring proper hydrating and refueling, or getting them out of bed in the morning. While ones times will take care of themselves, ultimate success of the trip can be determined by how well each swimmer does the little things correctly.
On the senior training level, senior sectionals, junior nationals, and senior nationals are focus meets for our training groups. Beyond Dynamo, swimmers will focus on their collegiate conference meets, NCAA championships, Olympic trials, and for some, the Olympic Games. These meets generally rotate between various sites in different cities and states, where team trips are a must, not an option, in order to compete against the appropriate competition. The travel trips we take during the season and championship season help each swimmer prepare for their most important championship meets when they get older.
Travel trips give each swimmer a chance to represent themselves, their family, and the Dynamo Swim Club, not to mention an excellent opportunity for making new friends. While some swim clubs do not have travel trip opportunities, we feel it’s a privilege to have this opportunity as a member of the Dynamo Swim Club, and hope that many of our swimmers can take advantage of this wonderful experience.
Should My Swimmer Stay with Dynamo During Summer League
This is a commonly asked question every year, and a good one. It is wise to stay with Dynamo during the summer league season. Considering that your child has been placed through progression training thus far, why stop in the summer. We do not want to discourage summer league, but rather encourage this participation. By now, most swimmers are in a routine with their training at Dynamo, as well as a solid relationship with their coach. Although summer league may not be as structured as a year round program, it is enjoyed by all in a relaxing and fun environment.
Dynamo coaches want their swimmers to be able to enjoy outside activities, but we also want to continue to train our swimmers in the most efficient way possible. All this being said our billing system is set up so that those who have been with us since the start of the short course season swim for free in the summers! In short, we’d love to have our swimmers have the enjoyment of summer league, and we’d love to have them see us too this summer for detail reminders…
Georgia Swimming Officials who volunteer at home or away meets (anywhere throughout the United States) are well-taken-care of with up-to-date heat sheets (even when none are sold), free food in hospitality, free admission, and often free parking as well. 
Georgia Swimming is the governing body for USA Swimming in our state.  Dynamo is looking for volunteers interested in becoming certified as Administrative Judges, who deal with swimmers` entries, timing equipment and scoring, working with Clerk of Course.  Georgia Swimming will be offering an
Administrator Clinic Saturday, May 24, 9:00 AM-1:00 PM, Mountain View Aquatic Center, Marietta Ga. If you have interest to attend this clinic, please contact Jeff Seiden, bigmonkey42@hotmail.com no later than May 20 so that training materials can be provided.  Attendees for ADMIN only (Clerk of Course) who are not current USA Swimming Non-athlete Members will need to bring two checks made payable to GA Swimming, $49 for USA membership and $15 for the clinic.  
Not only does officiating fulfill your volunteer commitment at Dynamo, the time spent is satisfying and yields great friends and experiences. We have a great group of officials with Georgia Swimming at Dynamo. We’d love to have you join us!
Interested to find out more about this great volunteer opportunity? Contact Dynamo parent, Julie Allen, at allen.julie@sbcglobal.net.