Who We Are


TeamFINS LLC was one of the several swimming related companies founded by Bill and Kathy Goudeket.   The centerpiece of these businesses is FUN IN SWIMMING, INC, better known in the marketplace as FINS.  FINS was established in 2000 as a learn-to-swim facility with one heated indoor pool in Spring.   FINS has grown to three locations:  Spring/Klein, the Woodlands and Kingwood/Atascocita.  TeamFINS is a separate entity but joined to FINS by the same ownership and teaching philosophy.  We are still in the early stages of our growth as a team, but grow we will.  The demand for competitive swimming in north Harris and southern Montgomery County is amazing and TeamFINS has what it takes to fulfill that demand.

Although many swimmers began working out with FINS in the summer of 2010, and competing in meets through the fall and winter, it was not until February 22, 2011 that we officially became a USA swim team.

We have experienced significant growth since that time and have transitioned to a non-profit corporation in the Fall of 2014 as we believe this organizational structure will allow us to better meet our goals and serve the community.



We like to borrow the baseball term of a “five tool player” when we talk about TeamFINS and how we approach swimming.  TeamFINS is a five tool swim team, offering:


There are several very important core beliefs that will always drive our organization:

  • Every aspect of training that we ask our athletes to participate in will have a specific purpose.

  • We believe that everything begins and ends with proper technique.    

  • Every swimmer counts and every stroke they take should count.   That is why we watch them and teach them from what we see.   

  • Regardless of the level of availability or swimming ability we will have a place for you.

  • TeamFINS has adopted a term from Houston Texans J J Watt that he uses as his philosophy and in his foundation:   “DREAM BIG, WORK HARD”.


As a child, swimming was my worst sport.  I failed beginning swim lessons 4 times, and I had a great dislike for it.  I excelled at other sports, and dreamed of being a Major League baseball player.

I remember praying at the age of 12, asking GOD to allow me to realize my dreams of being a professional baseball player.  Shortly after that, while attending a Boy Scout camp, my father who was a parent volunteer at the camp, talked me into attempting to swim “the mile” and earn a merit badge.  My response was something like “do you want to get rid of me”.  After assuring me that was not the case, and that he would keep me safe by swimming it with me, I reluctantly agreed.  Much to my dismay, I completed the swim, and earned the merit badge.

My mother encouraged me to join the local YMCA team in Ardmore, Oklahoma, and within 3 months I had set pool records, and was on my way to a swimming career that has included four years of college swimming, qualifying for two Olympic Trials, coaching hundreds of outstanding swimmers, and now owning a three campus swim school in Houston where we are privileged to teach thousands of swimmers each week.

When I think back about all that has happened since that faithful prayer so many years ago, I never cease to be amazed at how powerful GOD is.  HE heard my prayer, and took the worst thing that I did, and made it my best.


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