LSC Governance

Following are various governance documents and specific policy documents. The Rules and Regulations and Policies and Procedures documents are regularly updated when rules/regulations or policies/procedures are changed by either the Board of Directors and/or House of Delegates.

Hawaiian LSC Bylaws [pdf] (required bylaw changes from USA-Swimming approved by exec board and USA-Swimming Jan 2020, approved by BoD on Jan 26, 2020. Still to be finally approved by HOD)

Hawaiian LSC Rules and Regulations [pdf] (amended JUN-13-2017)

The Rules and Regulations promote the swim program for Hawaiian Swimming, USA Swimming. These regulations cover those rules and regulations established by the Hawaiian LSC that govern the individual and member responsibilities as part of the LSC and which carry possible sanctions if not carried out. The USA Swimming Rules and Regulations and Hawaiian LSC Bylaws will be followed in any case where these Rules and Regulations conflict.

Hawaiian LSC Policies and Procedures Manual [pdf] (amended JUN-13-2017)

The Policies and Procedures Manual contains the ongoing policies and procedures adopted by the LSC. Among the topics covered are:  warm-up policies; meet management and sanction policies; scheduling processes and types of meets scheduled; meet hosting responsibilities; championship meet contract; meet conduct; conflict of interest policy; officials certification standards; sanction policy; approved and observed meet policies; travel reimbursement policies. Where conflicts exist, the Rules and Regulations of USA Swimming, Hawaiian LSC Bylaws, and/or Hawaiian LSC Rules and Regulations will supersede policies and procedures contained in the Manual.

Hawaiian Swimming Warm-up/down Procedures and Guidelines [pdf(approved AUG-30-2015)

Hawaiian Swimming Cub Official Quota Policy [pdf(amended OCT-02-2016)

Hawaiian Swimming Coaching Compliance Violations [pdf] (approved JUN-17-2017)

OLD Hawaiian LSC Bylaws [pdf] (amended and approved by HoD NOV-22-2015, replaced Jan 2020)