Team CRAA Fundraising
CRAA generates revenues through many sources: dues, revenue from hosting invitational swim meets and swimming lessons, and by holding fund raising activities. CRAA sponsored fund raisers offset the club's expenses, which in turn, help keep the dues as low as possible.   
CRAA offers several fund raising activities.  In many of our fund raising events, a percentage of the money raised is applied directly to your  account, thus reducing your family's dues and meet fees.  The balance of the funds raised goes towards funding scholarships, helping to reduce everyone's dues, and special equipment purchases.  
What fund raising activities can I do?
Some of the easiest ways are:
Ad Sales
If you are interested in purchasing an ad to go in the program for one of CRAA's hosted meets, please contact Head Coach Joe Plane:  joe@craa.org. 
If you'd like to help sell ads for the programs to area businesses, please use the letter found in the documents tab to present the pricing structure with companies.
Hy Vee Coupon Books
We have Hy Vee coupon books that you can purchase for personal use or for family and friends for $10 each.  For each $10 purchase, $8 goes to CRAA.  Just one of the coupons in the book is $10 off of a purchase of $100 or more and Hy-Vee, giving you your purchase price back!  
United Way
Can CRAA be designated as the charity of choice for my company's United Way payroll contributions?
Yes, as a 501(C)(3) charitable organization, CRAA can be designated on your United Way form.  Simply specify "Cedar Rapids Aquatic Association" as the Donor Designations section!  Also, some companies like to know your United Way volunteer hours, so don't forget to include those as well.
Other Fundraising Opportunities
We’ll also be doing some other fund raising activities throughout the year, such as a swim-a-thon, and maybe a few other events.  If you have any ideas, would like to help put something together, or are interested in purchasing Hy Vee coupon books, please contact Jenny Matta at jennymatta@gmail.com