Swim Meets

Our team has a unique opportunity in that we are a YMCA and a USA Swimming team. This allows us a wide range of competitions to meet the needs of all of our athletes. These competitions range from small 1 afternoon dual meets to multiple day, multiple team meets. Your group coach is the best resource for inquiring as to which meets you should attend. Group 5 must attend meets recommended by their coach(es), as well as, participate in the championship season, otherwise, there are no meet attendance requirements for the other athletes.


Our staff always encourages participation in competitions because there are many benefits to experiencing these situations:


1. Preparation for a performance (test, speech, project, etc.)

2. Goal setting and working toward that success

3. Realizing personal rewards for their hard work

4. Gaining confidence by focusing in self improvement

5. Team interaction and support

6. Social time for parents, staff and swimmers to get to know each other