Who do I contact?

Who to Contact:

Feel free to reach out to any of the board members, volunteers or chairpersons if you have a question. For some specific questions please see below, but all board members will be generally knowledgeable in the wide range of our organizations activities.

Head Coach, Meet Director, ISI Delegate
Coach Dave Davis - Anything related to your swimmer(s) swimming, meet eligibility, swim level, events, etc.

Board President
Amy Sanders - Any information, questions relating to EST Elmhurst Swim Team, Swim Programs – or call 630.802.6838

Co-Vice President
Lucy DeMare – Publicity for the Elmhurst Swim Team.  If you are looking for ways to market, promote and advertise with or for the Elmhurst Swim Team or wanting to publish articles for various media –
Lynn Marlott – Need advice on anything not specific to this list, reach out to Lynn and she will guide you on who to connect with if she cannot answer your questions.

Nancy Morley – Anything related for Financial needs reach out to

Business Manager/Registrar
Andriani Siavelis -   If you have any questions related to registering for Elmhurst Swim Team or need Account Support reach out to or call 630-915-6872

Team Apparel
Suzy Harrington and Stacie LoCascio; Uniforms, Swim Suits and other Swim Gear &
Apparel reach out to

Team Volunteer Coordinator
, New Family Liaison;
Brenda Logan – To volunteer for any positions for: in-house meets, December ISI, out of town meets, Swim-A-Thon, Social Functions, Volunteer Positions, Board Positions, etc.  OR if you are new to the Elmhurst Swim Team Family and have any questions or need any additional Team information. Please reach out to Brenda, she could be reached at: or call 630.782.5149

Christine Pfaff - Information on Board Meetings, Minutes or other BoD related Materials reach out to

Teri Ford - questions about our concessions ask for Teri and she will be able to assist you

Team Records
Joan Bajda – If you have questions on your individual swimmer(s) records or want to learn about team records, please reach out to Joan

Mark Shemroske – Questions on how to navigate and move around the website, issues with the website, contact or call 630.308.7373