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Athlete Registration


*Spring Clinics Registration Opens March 12th, 2018*

*Summer Long Course Registration Opens April 6th, 2018*

First, read through our most recent registration packet and team handbook. If you are new to the team, you should also take a look at the practice group descriptions.

Please make sure your child has a current YMCA membership by stopping by the YMCA's Membership Services Desk. Membership is required before registering with TOPS, and all TOPS participants must have current YMCA membership throughout the season.

If you are/have a returning swimmer who swam with TOPS the previous season...

Check the move up list to see if your practice group has changed for the upcoming season. You can register on-line (select Browse and then the TOPS link) or on paper using the forms in the athlete registration packet (above).  If you are a first time online user, please contact the front desk at 708-383-5200 to get your login and password.


If you are new to TOPS...

You should attend a new athlete tryout. The current season's tryout dates will be located in the most recent registration packet.

Once your child has been placed into a practice group, please fill out the Registration Form and Medical Release Form in the registration packet. Be sure to read all included information and sign the necessary waivers and agreements. You may attach a single check or complete credit card information at the bottom of the Registration Form.

If you are registered with USA Swimming on a different team, you may also need to fill out the athlete transfer form.

If you are interested in joining after the tryout period has occurred, don't hesitate to contact us and we can help figure out a way to determine where your swimmer belongs! 

Questions? Please contact the team office by calling 708-434-0222, or email Head Coach Joel Wallace (