Fall Team Fees



Your tuition account is used to cover pool rental, coach’s salary, operating expenses, awards, website and other administrative fees.  Each child’s tuition is based on the group that they are placed in.


A “meet entry fee” is the cost for participation in swim meets.  Most meets we attend have entry fees associated with them.  CWAC will initially cover the cost of the entries and then will invoice each participant for the amount owed.  Entry fees for one swimmer for an average two day meet are about $30-40.  For every sanctioned meet that an individual participates in there is a surcharge that goes to Illinois Swimming which usually ranges from $2-$5.  There may be an additional facility fee charge from the host team as well.  Entry fees will be charged after each meet and are included in the monthly invoices.  Once the entries for a swim meet have been turned in to a host team, the swimmer is responsible for their entry fees whether they swim or not.


Each registered CWAC swimmer will have a $75 annual gear fee to cover the cost of their team suit, cap, t-shirt and equipment purchased by the team.  The annual USA Swimming fee is $75 for the 2017-18 season.


Invoices will be generated on the 1st of each month and will break down all charges.  Balances are due on the 10th of the same month.  A $20.00 fee will be assessed for any outstanding dues after the 20th of the month.

Please remember that your child’s tuition, gear fees and meet entry fees are all separate but can be paid for in one check.  CWAC accepts cash, checks and quick pay as well as credit cards and ACH (direct debit) transactions via the website.  ACH and credit card fees are withdrawn on or around the first of each month and will pull the entire amount owed for that billing period.  For example, if your tuition dues for the month are $100 and your meet entry fees are $25, then $125 will be withdrawn from your account on or around the first of the month.  There is no additional fee for Quick Pay or ACH usage, but due to the fees charged by the website and merchant provider there is a fee added to your monthly balance if you choose to use a credit card. 

Checks should be made payable to Chicago Wolfpack Aquatics Club (CWAC).  Please note your child’s name on your check.  Payments can be:

  • Hand delivered to Coach Stephens at UIC or Coach Clarke at EP
  • Mailed to Coach Stephens at 1076 W Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL 60608
  • Set up as a secured recurring ACH or credit card transaction on the website
  • Quickpay on the ClearXchange network using the e-mail

Families with a balance 30 days past due will not be able to sign up for meets until the balance is paid off. Any swimmer who has an outstanding balance on their account at the end of each season will not be allowed to register for the next season until the balance is paid in full.


A $250 deposit per swimmer is due at registration for those not using quick pay, ACH or credit card payment processing.  Accounts will be invoiced for 5 installments starting on October 1 to include all fall / winter tuition dues.  Fees are per month for 5 months.

  • Fall / Winter billing will start on October 1st and continue for five months
  • High School Boys billing will invoice on Oct 1st and Nov 1st at an adjusted fee
  • High School Girls billing will invoice on Dec 1st, Jan 1st and Feb 1st


Gold I - $230 Silver I - $220 Bronze I - $210 Blue I - $150 National - $250
Gold II - $215 Silver II - $210 Bronze II - $180 Blue II - $150 Senior - $230
Gold III - $200 Silver III - $200 Bronze III - $160    


Gold 1- $215 Silver 1 - $200 Bronze 1 - $175 Blue 1 - $125 Senior - $215
Gold 2 - $215 Silver 2 - $175 Bronze 2 - $150 Blue 2 - $125 Pack Prep - $75
Gold 3 - $200 Silver 3 - $175 Bronze 3 - $130 Blue 3 - $125  


Swimmers who sign up and join the team are expected to pay for the full season.  Pro-rating of tuition is only done under the following circumstances:

  • If the swimmer starts the season late and with head coach’s approval
  • If the swimmer changes groups during the season
  • Special circumstances arise approved by the head coach


Fees are not refundable unless (a) the program is canceled (b) a special circumstance arises or (c) you withdraw from a program for medical reasons.  Special circumstances might include moving, family crisis, etc.  You should immediately discuss any changes in your child’s status with their coach and notify the head coach.  If you do not notify the head coach, your account will be charged as though your child was training for that period.  Meet entry fees are not refundable.

Swimmers who transfer from another USA Swimming team to join CWAC must fill out a Club Transfer Form at the time of registration.  All transferring swimmers are unattached for 120 days following the last date of competition as a member of the prior team.  While unattached, a swimmer may practice with CWAC and compete in meets, but may not represent CWAC or compete on relays until the 120-day period has expired.  It is the transferring swimmers responsibility to pay the $10 fee with the completed form to the head coach.