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Outbreak Protocol

Exposure Protocol

(Updated July 24, 2020)

Please understand that the process of managing and understanding and tracing an outbreak/exposure is an ever-evolving process. Each incident will be taken at the level of exposure as well as by medical professionals, IDPH, OSHA, Facility Protocols and whatever we need to consider. 

Please keep the well-being of the team at heart and do not hesitate to report exposure to the coaching staff. All patients will be kept confidential and our goal is to put the safety of the team and community first, training and conditioning second.

What is our current team protocol in the event of an outbreak or possible exposure? 

  1. All affected groups will be suspended for 72 hours while we evaluate both the contact tracing and protocol

  2. Preliminary recommendation is that exposed athletes returning to workout have a negative test

  3. Three types of exposure

    1. Third Party 

    2. Potential Direct Contact

    3. Confirmed Positive Covid-19 Case

  4. During the 72 hours, staff will evaluate the contact tracing and protocol with guidance from local medical professional board and the facility where the contact occurred - determination will be made if the 72 hours needs to be extended depending on the extent of the exposure.

Regular communication will be sent to exposed athletes and a general communication issued to the team within 48 hours.  

Important Considerations

  1. We have to work with multiple organizations and the appropriate response may take time

    1. CDC, IHSA, IDPH and more...

  2. Changing dynamics may result in a longer timeframe for decisions to be made

  3. Facility protocol will differ from location to location

  4. We will more than likely have to change our response as cases & government restrictions warrant and there will not be a consistency between exposure

    This will inevitably happen multiple times.
    Patience, Empathy and Understanding is key for both staff and the affected family.