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New Trier Aquatics has contracted with TYR® as its primary sponsor. Included in our sponsorship contract is an obligation to wear TYR equipment at all swimming competitions. We also encourage all swimmers to purchase and utilize TYR equipment. In conjunction with this contract, the team suit and uniform policy is as follows:

At meets swimmers must wear: 

1) Team suit, defined as an official NTA TYR polyester suit bearing the NTA logo.

 2) NTA logo T-shirt (short or long sleeves)

 3) NTA swim cap (if you choose to wear a cap)

NTA coaches have the right to limit the use of Technical Suits at any meet. Failure to comply with this policy will cause the swimmer to forfeit their opportunity to swim at that meet. The Head Coach maintains the authority to waive the policy in circumstances beyond the control of the swimmer.

At practice NTA swimmers are encouraged to use TYR equipment whenever possible.

In return for displaying TYR sponsorship at meets, NTA receives many benefits, some of which go directly to swimmers.

Swim caps can be purchased from the club's primary supplier or at select home meets and team fittings. Prices subject to change: $15 for silicone and $5 for latex.